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Adidas Bargains and Sells Their Stake of The 'Mitchell & Ness' Brand

Posted On: May 29, 2016

In an article published by Reuters, it was reported that Adidas entered a bargaining deal and sold off their stake of the Mitchell & Ness brand. The buyer is a new entity of Juggernaut Capital Partners which is a private, U.S. owned equity firm. 

Mitchelle & Ness have been a leading brand in manufacturing sport jerseys which became classics and were even auctioned off. Also, with snapbacks and other sports related apparel. 

Aspect details of the deal in dollar amounts are not illustrated in the article, however, it did confirm that it is was in euros and reached double digits in the millions. 

Adidas made a statement how the deal would help them to renew investments from the sale, into fostering their Creating the New strategy. 

"Nostalgia headwear and apparel is not core to this strategy and the sale of Mitchell & Ness will allow us to reduce complexity and pursue our target consumer more aggressively with our core brands."


Article Reference: Reuters



NFL Owners Compiled Roster List of Cities for Upcoming Superbowl Games

Posted On: May 29, 2016

Recently, the owners of the NFL had a meeting and decided to compile a list of cities for their upcoming Superbowl games. It's unsure if the move was contract or deal related because some of the stadiums on the list are still being constructed. Referencing an article from ESPN, that has not been disclosed. 

The Rams' new stadium (digital layout below) in California and the Atlanta Falcons' stadium are still in construction and have within three to five years to complete for their first Superbowl games. 

The following list for Super Bowls LI-LV are as followed: 

Super Bowl LI (2017): NRG Stadium, Houston

Super Bowl LII (2018): U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

Super Bowl LIII (2019): Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

Super Bowl LIV (2020): New Miami Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida

Super Bowl LV (2021): Rams' new stadium, Inglewood, California


Article Reference: ESPN

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LeBron James and The Cleveland Cavaliers Heading to The 2016 NBA Finals

Posted On: May 29, 2016

As many different teams that LeBron James has been on, one quality and attribute that remains is his leadership. 

For the second straight season, James leads the Cleveland Cavaliers into the 2016 NBA Finals. Not being new to it because it will be LeBron's six time going to Finals. Prior to this, two times with Cleveland and four times with the Heat.

In a recent game against the Toronto Raptors during the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron and the Cavs won with a score of 113-87. On Friday night (May 27th) James scored thirty three points with six assists and Kyrie Irving brought in thirty points with nine assists. Winning the the series with 4-2 during the Eastern Conference Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers made the Finals. 

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Eastern Conference Champs

The question still remains who will win the Western Conference Finals? and if LeBron James will be cooking it up on the court with Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors, who brings the spice.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers had many obstacles to overocome during the season, with Kyrie Irving returning to the court after being out on injury for seven months. Throught it all, they stayed focus, determined and worked as a team in every game. 




UCLA Inks Historic NCAA Deal With Under Armour For $280 Million Dollars

Posted On: May 28, 2016

As their Adidas contract comes to a close next year, UCLA found themselves into a much massive and properous deal. Since signing a deal with Stephen Curry, Under Armour continues to make chess moves in business and presented UCLA with a deal on the table that they couldn't refuse. 

Referencing article from L.A. Times, the constituents of the deal is worth $280 million dollars and spans for fifteen years. 

 "We knew that we were well-positioned to cut a deal," revealed Dan Guerrero, the UCLA athletic director. "Under Armour came at us hard."

I'm sure they did, pen, paper, money sign and everything! Under Armour was like, "sign right here by the X." 


The Under Armour and UCLA deal made NCAA history when they shook hands on the deal, as the largest apparel and shoe contract. The cash out for UCLA will be $15 million and a yearly payout of $11 million during the course of the contract. The deal comes with some perks because Under Armour will provide UCLA with equipment, apparel, and shoes yearly; including supplies to enhance their facilities for eight years. The total of those expenses are worth $9.4 million dollars. 

Although the deal has already been signed, the Under Armour and UCLA business affiliation goes into effect next year in 2017. It's unsure if negotiations are still on the table and if terms are still being met, none of that has been disclosed yet. Most likely not because the deal has already been inked.


Article Reference: L.A. Times


Kobe Bryant Releases His New Timepiece 'HeroVillain,' In Collaboration With Hublot

Posted On: May 25, 2016

Kobe Bryant maintains his business partnership with Hublot and collaborated with them to release his newest timepiece called, 'HeroVillain.' The watch is to celebrate Bryant's contributions of twenty years playing for the NBA and the devotion to his fans as a basketball player. 

The HeroVillain Classic Fusion timepiece are special and limited editions and only twenty-four of them were manufactured. 

The timepieces are engineered in gold and black detailing, with ceramic being the base. They are engraved in different numbers for each watch; and fashioned in black snakeskin to honor Kobe's moniker, "Black Mamba." HeroVillian's straps are composed of black python and stiched in tonal design.

Because of its limited availability, the Kobe/Hublot timepieces are exclusive and can only be found in their Beverly Hills boutique.