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Foot Locker Releases Ad Video Starring Sixers #1 Draft Pick, Ben Simmons, D'Angelo Russell, & More

Posted On: June 23, 2016

For their newest advertisement commercial, Foot Locker enlisted a few basketball players to court the camera for 'It's Real Now.' Starring Sixers' number one draft pick, Ben Simmons who learns a few things from a prior rookie, D'Angelo Russell about electronic security. 

Despite the Nick Young controversy a couple months ago, derived from a video that surfaced, D'Angelo shares some of his wisdom about being a rookie to Simmons, teaches Ben the hazardous potential of smartphones and how somehow, they lead people to do dumb things. The ad video also features Devin Booker and Karl Anthony Town. 

Check out the realness below. 


Cleveland Cavaliers' Championship Collection & Collectibles Released by NBA for Sale

Posted On: June 21, 2016

To franchise on the Cleveland Cavaliers' win, the NBA released the collection of the championship, along with collectibles for sale.  

You can own a piece of history by acquiring the Cavs 2016 Adidas locker room tee shirt and flex hat that was the players displayed during their win. The tee is a heather grey with the graphic designs of the Larry O'Brien Trophy printed on it in gold and red lining. The hat is the championship hat LeBron James wore when he gave his victory speech. Engrossed with the wording 2016 NBA Champs in different font sizes in white and outlined with the Cavaliers trademark symbol (pictured below). 

The tee shirts, including sweatshirt hoodies range in colors from light grey black, burgundy red, navy and etc for men women and children. As well as the hat that comes in heather grey and burgundy. The collection of apparel are in different designs from v-neck, crew-neck, tank tops, long sleeves and etc. Cavaliers' Championship collection contain of other products such as: keychains, towels, watches, different sized and patterned banners, cups, mugs, phone cases, signed framed posters (pictured below) and etc. 

For more information and to purchase, click on the following link: Cavaliers' Championship Collection

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Champions


UFC Secures Bidding Sale of $4.2 Billion Dollars

Posted On: June 21, 2016

Some major investors such as: the Dailan Wanda Group, WME-IMG, Tencent Holdings and The Kraft Group came to the table with Zuffa, to offer the wrestling corporation and management, UFC a deal all parties involved came to terms with.

It has been reported that UFC was sold for an estimate of $4.2 billion dollars in a bidding sale. Confirmation of the report came from FloCombat yesterday (June 20th). Referencing the article, as of now the whole company of UFC have not been sold but will come into full completion of sale. 

This story is still developing, in spite of information about the process of the sale being published. 

To read more, click on the following link: UFC 's Bidding Sale


Article Reference: FloCombat


Minnesota Timberwolves Show Interest of Deal With Chicago Bulls for Jimmy Butler

Posted On: June 18, 2016

In the world of basketball, trading can be a good or bad thing. If a basketball player's skills are out of this world, then yeah, major deals will be put on the table to incoporate and franchise that player. Basically, skills in basketball is the hustle. A player has to have some type of fire (passion) which limits them from becoming benchwarmers. 

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But anyhow, lets find out about this Jimmy Butler trading deal. Is he hot, is he cold? I don't know but if you keep reading, you'll find the answer

The Minnesota Timberwolves are interested in a trading deal for Jimmy Butler and has expressed strong interest in retrieving Butler from the Chicago Bulls. As of now, the Bulls have not decided to trade Butler nor will take any trading negotiations for him. This has yet to be reported or confirmed. However, Darren Wolfson  a reporter from Minneapolis, disclosed that the Chicago Bulls are interested in a trading deal for Andrew Wiggins from the Timberwolves, if any kind of deals are done involving Butler. In addition, the Bulls' want a front-line player and a top lottery pick for any kind of trade for Jimmy Butler. 

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Butler's current deal with the Chicago Bulls is estimated at $90 millions for a span of five years. Are the Timberwolves offering more? in topping his Bulls' deal? That has not been disclosed yet. The Boston Celtics are also interested in Butler, he has several options, hopefully he picks the best one that's suitable for him. 




Stephen Curry's Mouthguard To Be Auctioned In August

Posted On: June 18, 2016

SCP Auctions from California got Stephen Curry's mouthguard/mouthpiece during this season, at one of the Golden State Warriors games. This might not be the first time they've put something like this up for auction because in a statement, the VP of SCP Auctions, Dan Imler estimated Stephen Curry's mouthguard will bid for $5,000 and up. 

Imler stated, the mouthguard has become part of his character in basketball, while watching the games.

"The way he flips it in and out of his mouth has become part of watching him during a game."

Golden State Warriors 2016 Western Conference Champs

Hmmm, sounds a little fetish or some type of infatuation. Curry has that type of effect. Anyhow, the mouthguard has the Warriors logo on it, stamped with Curry's name and jersey number. Starting on August 3rd, Stephen Curry's mouthguard will go on auction, including Larry Bird's warm-up uniform from Indiana State, John Wooden's UCLA coach's jacket and; a few other sports items. 


Giants Sign B.J. Goodson from the 2016 Draft Class to a Four Year Deal

Posted On: June 18, 2016

This past Thurday (June 16th), the Giants announced inking a four year deal with B.J. Goodson from the 2016 Draft Class.

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Goodson was selected from the draft on the helm of the Giants needing an inside linebacker for a few season. 

B.J. Goodson has an extensive resume that qualifies him for the position, based on documents from his overall performance in football. This includes 138 tackles, three pass defenses, five recoveries, two interceptions; and more during a span of four years in college football.

According to Over the Cap, the calculations of the contract are stated below, 

"Goodson receives a four-year contract worth $3,196,176 to go along with a signing bonus of $856,176."

During that four year, the Giants expressed even if Goodson does not start, he'll have a strong finish and solidify the role of a linebacker. 

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The NBA Launches Emoji App for NBA Finals Called, NBAmoji

Posted On: June 18, 2016

And another one (in DJ Khaled's voice), the NBA is the newest sports establishment and the latest ones to join the emoji business. 

A lot people considered that Kim Kardashian started the branding of emojis, she took it to another level, no doubt about that. But it was actually, Trey and Donovan Brown who created WeMojis to try and diversify the emoji app with some color and flavor. Anyhow, all it takes is one person to implement an idea into someone else and make a difference. 

Golden State Warriors 2016 Western Conference Champs

The NBA launched their own emoji app called, NBAmoji. The purpose of the emoji app is to highlight the 2016 NBA Finals and allow consumers to express themselves in caricatures of it. The NBAmoji features both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors' logos, caricatures of LeBron James, Stephen Curry and others, different animations of the NBA like a basketball, Kryrie Irving dribbling or doing one of his crossover moves and more.

NBAmoji will continue to provide their consumers with new designs such as: WNBA's historic 20th season and the NBA Draft 2016 that are coming up. 

NBAmoji is available for download at the App Store

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 Eastern Conference Champs


New Air Jordan 8 Tributes Michael Jordan's Championships

Posted On: June 18, 2016

Stemming from the Jordan Brand are the new, upcoming release of the Jordan 8 called, 'Confetti.' Detailed in all black with gold accents, the sneakers are an honorary tribute to Michael Jordan's championships. It's part of the brand's Championship collection

As noted above, the Jordan 8 is enveloped in an all black smooth leather, with confetti designs on the outskirts of both sneakers. Confetti details are also accentuated in the lining and soles of the shoe.

The straps of the sneakers are exalted in gold with the Jordan brand signature, Jumpman monogram on the tongue of the shoe. Along with that, the sneakers have words inscribed on them such as: "World Champions" and "Again and Again."

The Jordan 8 Confetti will be available at selected stores on June 25th and priced at $250 USD.

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Los Angeles Rams Assist With Building a Playground Near Stadium

Posted On: June 17, 2016

Referencing an article from CBS LA and a live news reporting by Amy Johnson, the Los Angeles Rams and their rookies took part in an act of philanthropy.

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The NFL team assisted with building a school playground in Inglewood, near the stadium their games are usually held at. 

During the live reporting, several members of the Rams expressed their participation in the playground building, its purpose and having a desire to help out the community. Some of them elaborated about having fun and being in a position to build a playground with the eperience of playing in one. 

Check out the footage of the live reporting below. 


Article Reference/ Photo by: CBS LA in affiliation with KCAL 9


New Game Trailer: EA Sports - 'Madden 17'

Posted On: June 17, 2016

Gamers get those fingers ready and get your mind right so you can strategize your game plays, because EA Sports liberated the trailer for the next installation of their Madden Series. Designed with upgrades and other features like Draft Champion modes, Madden 17 will challenge your NFL game skills.

Madden 17 will be available on several gaming platform such as: PlayStation 4Xbox One, Xbox 360 and more. The game is set to be release on August 23rd, until then, check out the trailer below. 


Buddy Hield's Inks Endorsement Deal With Nike

Posted On: June 13, 2016

With a solid sports athletic resume such as: being named Big 12 Player of the Year, winning several College Player of the Year awards, the coveted Wooden Award and etc., Buddy Hield's hard work is finally paying off. A few days ago, it was reported that Buddy inked an endorsement deal with Nike. The amount of the deal has yet to be disclosed nor the length of time the deal is for, however it is a multi-year deal. Hield's is a NBA prospect and an All-American guard from Oklahoma.

Buddy Hield's agent, Rob Pelinka of Landmark Sports was the one who came to the table and negotiated the deal. Reaching a favorable agreement with Nike, Buddy signed his named next to the x. According to sports record documents below,

"Hield is known for his scoring prowess, averaging 25 points on 50 percent shooting during his senior season."

Nike is set to finalize several other endorsement deal with various NBA players, who will be be selected at the top of the NBA draft on June 23.

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