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Fendi x Fila Collaborative Fall/Winter 2018 Collection Line

Posted On: October 01, 2018

Fendi and Fila linked creative aptitudes to design a Fall/Winter Collection for 2018, presenting combined logo patterns.

The collaboration of Fendi and Fila key items are their backpacks, handbags and waist-bags.

Fendi x Fila FW18 collections dons the classic Fendi template and Fila's signature colors. Other items include furry pool slides,

matching dad caps, ties; and sneakers.

The Fendi x Fila lookbook can be viewed below.

Fendi x Fila FW18 is scheduled for an October release.


9 Year Old Raises $28,000 On Kickstarter to Expand Her Hair Accessory Business, 'Gabby Bows'

Posted On: August 26, 2016

Ever since Gabrielle Goodwin was five years old, she insisted on wanting to create a barrette that stayed in her hair. Gabrielle spoke of this everyday to her mother and at seven years old, Gabrielle Goodwin started her own company. And became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world.

With the assistant of her mother, Rozalynn Goodwin, Gabrielle created and developed a collection of double snap barrettes to secure the ends of braids, pigtails, twists and etc., which actually remained in little girl's hair. She named her company "Gabby Bows,"  and is the president and CEO. Gabby Bows launched an online store to sell its products and Gabrielle, along with her mom pitched Gabby Bows at their local beauty supply store and Walgreens. From there, Gabby Bows sold 3,400 units of products, with 60% of sales coming from online orders.

Gabrielle Goodwin appeared on the talk show, The Real in June of this year to introduce Gabby Bows to viewers and market it as well. Also on The Tom Joyner Morning Show and interviewed on several news broadcasting stations. On account of launching the company, the nine year old has attended events such as: Small Business Association’s National Small Business as a finalist, to gain capital for her business. She's met with investors, continues to be a salesperson at certain trade shows and Black Expo shows to debut and promote Gabby Bows. Gabrielle was the recipient for the 2015 SC Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, the youngest person to date to earn the honors.

A few months ago in June, Gabrielle and Rozalynn Goodwin started a Kickstarter to manufacture and expand Gabby Bows into a wider market. The Kickstarter raised $28,000 and Gabrielle reached her funding goal, in order to broaden Gabby Bows into the market nationwide.

Gabrielle is a fourth grader who inspires other little girls like herself by speaking to community groups, visits schools and after school programs to speak at forums, and hosts Gabby Play Dates to teach girls about entrepreneurship and to believe in their ideas. The young business maven writes thank you letters to customers and consumers alike, who buy her products and at a young age, she's learning all there is about managing a company.


Fall/Winter Accessories: Burberry Bucket Hat

Posted On: October 02, 2018

I'm a June baby but I love Autumn and Winter simply because of fashion. From the jackets, boots, leathers, coats, scarves, hats, gloves; and etc. It's a lot to work with but working with those pieces defines an individual's style.

What would Autumn and Winter be without its accessories. Dope accessories not boring ones, gloves with hardware on them, accessories with distinctive detailing and etc. Fashion should never be boring, it's art and combined with style, it has an orgasmic feel to it.

One of Fall/Winter accessory must haves: is the classic Burberry bucket hat. 

It's a vintage piece and vintage fashion is like fine wine. The Burberry bucket hat can be modernizes based on how it's styled. Designed in Burberry's signature beige color, along with superimpose checkered print of black, red and white throughout.

The Burberry bucket hat can compliment an outwear piece such as: a jacket, a coat and etc. It's a hat you can throw on with some big gold hoops, to give it a trendy street style or wear with something casual. You can chill with it in the cold and etc.

Individual style is what makes a fashion statement.

For more info and to purchase, click on the link below.

Burberry Bucket Hat