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#TuesdayThoughts: 'The Category of a Tree'

Posted On: October 02, 2018

In yesterday's (October 1, 2018) 'Energy Forecast of the Day,' I wrote a little something about trees and how the branches and leaves are an extension of a tree.The inspiration came from a Tyler Perry Madea Stage Play video I received over the weekend. Those Stage Plays are filled with gems and were relatable to people.

Anyhow, I wanted to share the video for #TuesdayThoughts

It's a little over five minutes but the message can make a difference in somebody's life. In the visuals of the video, Madea is having a conversation about the art of letting go. And Madea expressed, how she puts people in "The Category of a Tree." Categorizing them in the likeness of a tree as: the leaves, the branches and the roots.

The Leaves: are not meant to stay, no matter how hard one tries to hold on, the leaves eventually are released with divine timing and its season. As Madea explains it, the leaves blow in the direction of the wind and can't withstand the wind because of how unstable the leaves are.

The Branches: Gives off the illusion that they're stable and strong in their loyalty or having your back. But once the pressure is on, the branches break and fall off. These people usually break out during one's trials and tribulation, no kind of emotional support or etc. The branches break out and leave you high and dry.

The Roots: Now the roots are imperative. The roots of a tree is what nurtures, fortifies and fertilizes a tree. As Madea explains it, the roots in the category of a tree are not a lot of people, just a few, maybe two or three but those are the people who inspire and motivate: the nurturing, fortifying and fertilize the growth of an individual. Those people are not often seen or don't want to be seen just like the roots of a tree, which are not seen but the impact can not go unnoticed.

The tree can have a million leaves but only a few roots which sustains the tree.

Sometimes, leaves or branches can progress into roots, the people who make the effort to change things for the betterment of both parties involved. But if somebody does not make the effort to improve things, those people don't care and it's better to let go for the betterment of yourself.

Madea also, dropped some other gems in this video. Love yourself! In any decision you make, put yourself in the category, you or them? you or this place (job, environment & etc.). When you put yourself in the category of a decision, it makes it easier to decide. And if you're not choosing yourself, something is wrong.

Another gem in the video is: some people are afraid of being alone and don't know what's it's like to be alone. Always praying about wanting friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and etc., but yet can't be by themselves. Can't love themselves in solitude (or love themselves as a whole), can't deal with themselves in solitude and don't even know themselves but yet want the responsibility of loving, dealing and knowing another person.

And more gems which were: get to know yourselves! Work on you, learn to be happy with yourself and love yourselves. And then, everything else will vibrate in the direction of your heart's desires.

Check out the video below.


#MondayMotivation: 'Be You'

Posted On: October 01, 2018

There is nobody like you in this whole world, universe and galaxy. That's how rare and unique you are. So, if you are going to be somebody in this world, the least and the most you can do is be you!

With that said, go forth with some #MondayMotivation.

"Real confidence is about vulnerability to open up and courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Be true. Be brave. Be you."





Source: Gordana Biernat There's More To you Than You Think


#TuesdaysThoughts: What's Your Assignment to Yourself and Others?

Posted On: June 12, 2018

Ever since I was a child, I would ask myself a series of questions. Like, who am I? where did I come from? why am I here? what did I come here to do? Is there life beyond the skies? I would look up at the stars and ask myself these questions. Sometimes, my parents and grandparents. And years later, the same questions would resurface.

So for today's #TuesdaysThoughts, I am asking you those questions pertaining to your assignment.

What is your assignment to yourself and others?

Some people are assigned to bring you down, while others are assigned to inspire your elevation. Look around and see from within, is that person assigned to do right by you? What’s your assignment to others? to yourself?

Only you can answer those questions, so I leave you with your thoughts.


Archived: The Umbrella

Posted On: January 19, 2018

2018 is officially here, this is an archived story from 2013 (with a few edits, added adjustments) to contemplate on self mastery. The CHAlleNgEs that will fortify change or deconstruct change. It all depends on you because we can change for better or worst. Self mastery as in evolving, emerging and unfolding like the butterfly. That the caterpillar has to be expunged to become the butterfly. Or remain a caterpillar and resist change. And deprive self the mastery of growth.

Anyhow, here's the story below.


Let me share a story and I hope it will inspire you.

A few days ago, while traveling, I saw a woman walking on the sidewalk in the rain. The woman had a limp but she was going at it like a trooper. I started to think about the woman, how she could be anybody I know, I thought about how far she had to walk and how her limp with the combination of the rain can be hard for her. Then a thought came to me: “give her the umbrella.”

I had this umbrella for awhile, it’s a very nice umbrella, unique and fashionable. It’s a big umbrella and many people asked me for it but I would never give it to them. I hardly used the umbrella so it remained impeccable.

Another thought had also came into my mind, “she might not appreciate the umbrella.” I started to drive off but for some reason I didn’t, so I pulled over and offered her the umbrella.

The woman was shocked and held her heart. And started to praise God in her own words and said, "you just restored my faith, there are still good people in this world.” She said a couple of blessings as well. She went on and told me how the last couple of months has been hell for her and she asked me for $2 dollars so she can take the bus. I hesitated for a second (again) but eventually I gave it to her. She then apologized for asking me for the $2 dollars and revealed how she has been looking for a job. She also asked me, if I knew any places that were hiring. I advised her to try a couple of places. And then I told her, “God is going to open doors for you.”

The woman looked at me tear struck and said some more praises and expressed her gratitude to me.  We exchanged salutations and we went our separate ways. Not even a minute after I drove off, it started to pour and rain like crazy, in the manner of torrential rain.

I started to cry because I have never hesitated (nor had second thoughts) when it comes to helping a person. If I didn’t offer the umbrella to the woman, she would of been drenched in the rain. But furthermore, what was the whole reasoning of the umbrella and the woman? What was that all about? Somethings are coincidental and other things serve a purpose. And what did my hesitations mean? Was it telling me to be more discerning when it came to helping others?

Sometimes, we don’t realize certain experiences in life changes us subconsciously, until our actions reveal it. We can not allow any experiences to change who we are, unless it makes us better. And the universe will test us to see if our hearts has been changed for better or worst and if our hearts has been tainted.

When we are a vessel to bless others, we can not hesitate, not when it comes to compassion.

The Divine(God/Goddess) works in mysterious ways.

You have to keep believing in the power of good, the power of love, the power of being a positive force in the universe and most of all; the power of all that is Divine in you. That the compassion in your heart, the emphatic spirit in your soul can not be compelled or swayed by outside influences.

In giving the woman the umbrella, she gave me something also, and that was, “there are still good people in this world.” As if that message came from the Universe itself, a Divine intervention that the good in world starts with me.


That's the story and the moral of it with this year being a year of self mastery, how will you "allow" circumstances, experiences and etc. outside of yourself: to shape, mold and redefine who you are? Will it be for better of worst? The mastery of self never comes easy and is always faced with challenges to bring about change. Will the pressures of life deconstruct who you are in soul and spirit, who you are becoming? Or will the pressures of life mold, refine and redefine you into the jewel that you are within? Hmmm... only time will tell, as with all things.

There's other morals to this story as well, because of the angles and how everybody sees things differently. But I let you figure them out for yourself.

Anyhow, may the challenges of 2018 be the catalyst to stimulate, spark the changes that we need to incarnate our truest self; and the mastery of it.


CC.: The Umbrella - © 2013  (Edited- 2018)


#BlackGirlMagic: Find the Light Within & Shine

Posted On: January 08, 2018

You are beautiful, you are divine, find the light in your melanin; and shine.

Video: Viola Davis at the Golden Globes Awards


Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Posted On: December 10, 2017

May this holiday season gift us with the blessings of gratitude, to count our blessings not in material things but what brings the gift of joy, love, happiness, peace, balance, enlightenment, spiritual fulfillment; and etc.

And as we reflect on 2017, may the lessons we've attained be applied towards becoming better version of ourselves. Also, to discover blessings within those lessons.

As the new year approaches, may we gravitate towards the new.


See y'all next year!


Round Table: Economic Progress, Education and Empowerment

Posted On: November 21, 2016

I never understood why Black women wear the most weaves and hair pieces but yet, all those stores are owned by everybody else but them. Or why there are so many Chinese restaurants in every melanin community but yet you hardly see any Black owned restaurants in Chinatown. Everybody is getting a piece of that melanin pie, coming to their communities, setting up shop and making money.

But how much money does a Black community make from its own community?

Things that make you go hmmm.

Are you getting a piece of that melanin pie?


When He Prayed For You and You Are His Blessing

Posted On: August 07, 2016

Say it again! "When he prayed for you and you are his blessing." Uh huh, two snaps and a twirl hunny!

How many of you ladies know there is a man out there praying for you? on some Bryson Tiller asking God to save you for him. Men do pray ladies and have conversations with God about matters of the hearts and talk to God about the woman they love. Some men play that tough act but please, they get weak in the knees when it comes to their queen, they'll almost faint. We all seen the video of the groom that was on the verge of fainting, when his bride came walking down the aisle towards him and it took his homie to hold him up.

And his tears brought us to tears. When I first saw the video, I said to myself, "he must of been praying for her for a long time." I wondered what his story, his testimony was when it came to love. Was this a man who struggled and had obstacles with love? It was just amazing to watch, to see the energy of love at work and how powerful it is. It was inspiration for men out there who might be having a tough time finding the one, their one true love to not give up and one day, she'll become the essence of their dreams. 

The video literally displayed the groom, Gabriel Deku becoming weak in the knees and falling in love. What made it special was, as the bride, Annabella is walking down the aisle, she became his angel who gave him wings, for both of them to rise in love together. How she was his blessing and the answer to his prayers.

It was an all around blessing, because Annabella expressed to other ladies to not give up on love and to never allow any man or anybody to make them feel like they don't deserve to be loved. To never allow any man to make them feel like they are not enough, because with the right man, they will be more than enough. And most of all, that there is a man out there who will love them like God loves them, flaws and all.

Annabella's statement after her wedding is as followed below:

"Ladies, don't you ever think you're not perfect enough, not beautiful enough, not unique enough, not Godly enough, not intelligent enough to be blessed with a wonderful man. Don't you ever settle. If God can bless someone like me, He can bless you. Thank you Father for showing me your love through a man who loves me despite my flaws."

Never settle for less when God instilled greatness in you. Great love is out there, believe in it and preserve your heart for it. Don't take part in any idle talk that categorizes all men or women as the same, don't limit yourself nor feed on the fruit of bitterness. But feed on all that is love, exude love and generate the energy of it, so you can rise greatly in it. Love is an energy that is very pure and powerful. Love expands all things, including you to become a better person.

Check out Gabriel and Annabella special moment below.


Photos Courtesy of: Adebayo Deru Photography


Lessons Growing Up That Contributes to Our Growth

Posted On: July 17, 2016

To me, earth is like one big school. Somethings are like "déjà vu," leaving you with a feeling like you've been in this place or met this person before, although it's the first time. It also produces the thought of "where?" and "when?" As if you're trying to remember things from your past life. I believe in reincarnation, I believe the energy of the soul never dies. The accomplishments of the purpose and destiny we are created to fulfill, determines how we are reincarnated. But that's another article on its own.

If you are not learning as you go about this thing called life, then you are not growing. There are some lessons that will remain with us forever, it's almost like a study guide. Out of our mother's womb, we learn lessons about this earth that appears to be new to us. We learn how to crawl first before we walk, we learn how to walk before we run and as babies, our communication with our parents was through crying. As we developed into toddlers, the lessons continue and our parents began to teach us how to count, what trees are, the clouds; and etc, to better understand the world around us. As children, entering pre-k and learning the education curriculum, we also began to learn lessons of interactions aside with our parents, we learn new lessons of how to interact with our peers, in making friends; and etc.

As we journey in life, the lessons continue and they never stop. Lessons are not suppose to stop because they contribute to our growth and evolution. Some lessons we learn from making mistakes, some lessons are painful and they make us stronger, some lessons teach us new things, new skills and; sometimes, help us discover inner talents and abilities. As adults, there are lessons we will reflect on. We began to understand how things happen for a reason and how some lessons lead us to better understand ourselves.

One of the lessons I've learned growing up was from my Mother and it's a lesson I always reflect on. Maybe because I'm still learning it. I remember being in class and the teacher writing on the board, notes for us to document and decipher them based on our understandings(inner standing). I remember two of my peers who were sticking their tongues out, middle finger at me and just being an annoyance. I had tried my best to stay focus on the teacher but eventually, me and those students clashed and we all were sent to the principal's office. My mother was called in and I explained to her what happened. I'll never forget this, my mother asked me what the teacher wrote on the board and I couldn't remember. She would not even let me look at some of the notes I had already taken but just kept asking the same question. She even asked the annoying students the same question and they couldn't remember. And then she asked me, if the teacher was to give an exam tomorrow about what was written on the board, would I be prepared, would I past the exam. And I said no. So, my mother stated, if I knew the importance of what was on the board, it was something that was teaching me in order to further my education, why would I cause another person to distract me from it?

From there, I got defensive, bringing up what the students were doing, how they were sticking their middle finger at me, how I was not going to let anybody mess with me and etc. And mother was not trying to hear it. My Mother asked me how did I know they were sticking their middle finger at me and I replied to her because I saw them. She asked me, how did I see them and I told her because I turned around to look. And she repeated to me, "you turned around, why did you make a choice to turn around?" She asked me again, what was on the board, what was the teacher's lesson and what did I learn. And I could not answer her. And I tried bringing up what those kids were doing again and my mother stopped me mid-sentence. My mother said to me, "I don't care what those kids were doing, as long as they were not putting their hands on you, it could of easily been ignored." She continued stating, "they didn't care enough to pay attention in class, to learn nor cared about their education and you allowed them to distract you from learning, and paying attention to something that is beneficial to your education." And then she asked me, "what is important? them sticking their middle finger at you or what your teacher was writing on the board?" And then said, "out of those two, what will help you be a better you tomorrow, someone who teaches you or someone who annoys you?" From this point on, I didn't respond to my mother, I was listening although acting like I wasn't and absorbing everything she said like a sponge.

On that day, my mother taught me a lesson on how paying attention to the wrong people, the wrong things can cost you and hinder you from doing the right things or manifesting the right things. She taught me a lesson about choices, what I choose to focus on and how certain situations have no effect to affect me, unless I give it power. For some reason, I always reflect on this lesson as if it's a study guide to help me understand situations and also, to better understand myself. My mother used to always say to me, "in order for you to know and understand your enemy, you have to know and understand yourself." And years later, it still resonates.


Open Discussion: Going to the Strip Club Together

Posted On: June 10, 2016

One of the headlines in news publication this week was Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's divorce being finalize. But what made it a major headline was both Amber and Wiz celebrated the divorce, by going to a strip club and it was very rare. I mean come on, where do you hear things like that? At the same time, it displayed the maturity of Amber as far as their previous relationship, her emotions and just overall holding no hard feelings. Choosing to celebrate the love they once shared, instead of letting the negative outweigh the positive. Amber chose to bask in the positive because not many women could of done what she did, after finalizing a divorce.  It would be more like order of protections, drama and etc. 

I admire how Amber Rose showcased as a woman, you can't always let your emotions govern you, fog your choices/decisions and that's something everyone in general can learn from. And to always remember the good in every experience. 

With that said, it brought back the topic of going to the strip club together while in a relationship. I've verbalized my take on the whole matter and there's nothing wrong with it. Because if a woman is not willing to fulfill some of her man's or husband's fantasies, he will find somebody that will (and that's another article). Besides that, who wants to be in a boring relationship? A passionless, non-stimulating relationship? It's very important to keep the flame of passion burning in a relationship and sometimes, those flames can burn for an eternity. Not saying going to the strip club together causes that flame to burn but passion does.

A lot of women think going to the strip club establishes an opportunity for the man to cheat. Well, if he is immature and just can't control that stick of his, then no. But if he is a mature man, who wants to experience his fantasy with the woman he loves, then why not? A woman in a relationship with that type of man, should grant him what he desires and he'll most likely rise in love with her.

Going to the strip club is a fantasy for both couples to bond, liberate themselves of inhibitions individually and with one another. So, they can be more receptive, free and comfortable as an individual and with one another. A woman can choose to be in control of the whole situation, for example: be the one who pays for the lap dance, instruct the dancer and create the kind of atmosphere she desires and also, take into account of his desires as well. This will enable for both of them to enjoy and fulfill the fantasy with each other. Have fun, even share a few laughs in between drinks or conversations and, create an experience that will be unforgettable.

Also, going to the strip club together improves the nature of sex in a relationship, it releases inhibitions and allows a couple to sexually express themselves. Magnifies lovemaking, enhances intimacy with one another; and amplifies orgasm by a trillions watts (that orgasm is going to hit the spot, out of body orgasms). That soul penetrating sex. Propelling orgasms that are out of this world.

There's some things about sex that is taboo and sex is how we all got here.

Maybe there will be a part two to this.


Mantras and Affirmations: Life is a Journey to Fulfill

Posted On: June 03, 2016

Live the life you always wanted, what are you waiting for? Because time won't wait for you.

With that said,

Life is journey to fulfill. Capture the moments, make an investment in something that will enrich it.