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Energy Forecast of The Day: 'The Energy Is Fertile for Growth'

Posted On: October 16, 2018

'The Energy Is Fertile for Growth.'

The energy is fertile for growth, meaning: it is fruitful and enriched. It's a source that is capable of yielding and producing more. It's an energy for breeding but what will you bear with it?


Before you answer that question, The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading provides insight, to gain clarity of your answer.

Check it out below.

"Take root firmly and powerfully, you have an abundance of seeds to plant." You are the root and how you plant yourself is what matters. The foundation of a building is the root and how that building was built. So, as the root, what kind of foundation will you create to build off on? How will you take root firmly and powerfully? Although the energy is fertile for growth, how you plant yourself, determines how these abundance of seeds grow. See yourself as the seeds, for the cultivation of them stems from within.

The Tarot divination is the 'Queen of Pentacles.' The art depicts a woman sitting around a lush garden, not so much holding, she bears a pentacle with her and it is centered with the law of the universe of, as above so below. There's magick flowing all over and the woman is royal in the energy of magick, there's a crown on top of her head. The woman's energy is fertile and she's familiarized herself in this garden. The pentacle is a resource of how the woman evokes, brings forth her energy and utilizes the garden to plant her seeds. The Queen of Pentacles' energetic theme is symbolic to prosperity and abundance.


Source: The Moon Tarot - Find A New Film or Documentary


Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Universal Love Is Flowing'

Posted On: October 12, 2018

"Universal Love Is Flowing."


The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading is about love again, as if the Universe is trying to channel something.

Check it out below.

"Each cell is vibrating from this abundance," The Moon Tarot affirmed. Things that make you go hmmm... The disposition of our energetic bodies, our magnetism and the beat of our hearts, how it generates energy and causes each cell to vibrate, and transmit its own frequency.

The Tarot divination is the Lord of Love which is the Two of Cups. Symbolizing the evolution of love from within and its outpouring of unified treasures. The wholeness of harmony with relationships and partnerships. It also represents new beginnings relating to relationships and partnerships. The unity of two flowing as one depicted in the Lord of Love card. Two fish are intertwined around a Lotus that is the source of nourishing the fishes, overflowing them and the two chalices with an unlimited supply of water.


Source: The Moon Tarot

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Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Unconditional Love Is Available'

Posted On: October 11, 2018

'Unconditional Love Is Available.'


Love is everlasting and we are never without it. Love is what we are composed of, touch your heart and feel, listen to the beat of it. Unconditional love is available, you are the source of it that cultivates and fortifies the resources of love.

By virtue of, The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading can be viewed below.

"Open your heart and allow yourself to receive," as encouraged by The Moon Tarot. Especially with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, open your heart to detox it, to heal it and make space for love. Open your heart and allow love to nurture it. Open your heart so love can find its temple to flourish out of.

The Tarot divination is the Ace of Cups, a symbol of "thy cup overflowing." The endless overflowing of divine love and the abundance of it to sustain and nourish thyself.


Source: The Moon Tarot

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Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Allow Yourself to Truly Listen'

Posted On: October 04, 2018

'Allow Yourself to Truly Listen.'


Listen, the anagram for silent. It makes sense, don't it? How else can you hear and listen if you're not silent. The irony of Today's Energy Reading by The Moon Tarot, it advises to find a place of solace.

Check it out below.

In that place of solace and quietude, you will be able to hear. It could a calling, an idea, a solution; and etc. Whatever it may be, it will come from the voice of your higher consciousness, as expressed by The Moon Tarot.

The Tarot divination of The Hermit. It signifies the path of enlightenment, self discovery, heightened awareness, developing a deeper sense of self in knowledge and truth. It's basically going within, plugging into your inner GPS for guidance.


Source: The Moon Tarot - Find A New Film or Documentary


Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Move Forward With Intention'

Posted On: October 02, 2018

'Move Forward With Intention.'


The intentions of your movements determine where you will go. It determines how you move. And also, intention is what inspires and motivates movements. And as you move and go forward, what are your intentions?

With that said, let's check out The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading.

The Tarot divination is The Magus which is The Magician. You are the alchemist of your life, "trust in your ability," as The Moon Tarot conveys.

It's you and how you alchemize your experiences, your gifts, your abilities; and etc.


Source: The Moon Tarot


#TuesdayThoughts: 'The Category of a Tree'

Posted On: October 02, 2018

In yesterday's (October 1, 2018) 'Energy Forecast of the Day,' I wrote a little something about trees and how the branches and leaves are an extension of a tree.The inspiration came from a Tyler Perry Madea Stage Play video I received over the weekend. Those Stage Plays are filled with gems and were relatable to people.

Anyhow, I wanted to share the video for #TuesdayThoughts

It's a little over five minutes but the message can make a difference in somebody's life. In the visuals of the video, Madea is having a conversation about the art of letting go. And Madea expressed, how she puts people in "The Category of a Tree." Categorizing them in the likeness of a tree as: the leaves, the branches and the roots.

The Leaves: are not meant to stay, no matter how hard one tries to hold on, the leaves eventually are released with divine timing and its season. As Madea explains it, the leaves blow in the direction of the wind and can't withstand the wind because of how unstable the leaves are.

The Branches: Gives off the illusion that they're stable and strong in their loyalty or having your back. But once the pressure is on, the branches break and fall off. These people usually break out during one's trials and tribulation, no kind of emotional support or etc. The branches break out and leave you high and dry.

The Roots: Now the roots are imperative. The roots of a tree is what nurtures, fortifies and fertilizes a tree. As Madea explains it, the roots in the category of a tree are not a lot of people, just a few, maybe two or three but those are the people who inspire and motivate: the nurturing, fortifying and fertilize the growth of an individual. Those people are not often seen or don't want to be seen just like the roots of a tree, which are not seen but the impact can not go unnoticed.

The tree can have a million leaves but only a few roots which sustains the tree.

Sometimes, leaves or branches can progress into roots, the people who make the effort to change things for the betterment of both parties involved. But if somebody does not make the effort to improve things, those people don't care and it's better to let go for the betterment of yourself.

Madea also, dropped some other gems in this video. Love yourself! In any decision you make, put yourself in the category, you or them? you or this place (job, environment & etc.). When you put yourself in the category of a decision, it makes it easier to decide. And if you're not choosing yourself, something is wrong.

Another gem in the video is: some people are afraid of being alone and don't know what's it's like to be alone. Always praying about wanting friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and etc., but yet can't be by themselves. Can't love themselves in solitude (or love themselves as a whole), can't deal with themselves in solitude and don't even know themselves but yet want the responsibility of loving, dealing and knowing another person.

And more gems which were: get to know yourselves! Work on you, learn to be happy with yourself and love yourselves. And then, everything else will vibrate in the direction of your heart's desires.

Check out the video below.


Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Learn to Become Grounded'

Posted On: October 01, 2018

'Learn to Become Grounded.'


Just like a tree, it's all about foundation. The branches and leaves are an extension of that tree. The branches might break, leaves are released when it's time or gradually fall off. What remains are the roots which are strong and firmly planted.


Let's proceed and check out The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading.

And the Tarot divination of The Princess of Wands. Signifying the release of old habits, restrictions, fears; and etc. as expressed by The Moon Tarot, "bypass the mundane." Go forward and "explore your infinite potential."


Source: The Moon Tarot There's More To You Than You Think


#MondayMotivation: 'Be You'

Posted On: October 01, 2018

There is nobody like you in this whole world, universe and galaxy. That's how rare and unique you are. So, if you are going to be somebody in this world, the least and the most you can do is be you!

With that said, go forth with some #MondayMotivation.

"Real confidence is about vulnerability to open up and courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Be true. Be brave. Be you."





Source: Gordana Biernat There's More To you Than You Think


Self Care Sundays: Therapeutic Crystal Sets

Posted On: September 30, 2018

Therapy differs for each individual. In the visuals for Young M.A's song 'Car Confessions,'  riding through the city is her meaning of therapy. This is how Young M.A clears her mind and the conscious part of it, how she is able to look at things from different angles and analyze them, to discover meaning and understanding. For Young M.A, solitude is therapeutic as she rides the city streets and relieves herself of stress.

For others, it might be going to the gym, listening to music, quiet moments near the ocean; or talking to someone like a therapist. Some might relieve themselves of stress in moments of solitude, while others need assistance in helping them to release their stress.


Crystals are another form of therapy. It is the utilization of metaphysics and spirituality in dispensing stressful energies and also, harnessing essential and vital energies. In transmuting stress, anxiety and etc.

With that said, we came across these Crystal Sets  (pictured below) from Gem State Boutique, which can be applied as therapeutic sets.

The crystal sets vary, most of them include crystal bracelets that can be worn anytime and once you charge them in the sun (solar energy) or during a full moon (lunar energy), the bracelets will heal or enhance your energies. That's what makes these crystal sets therapeutic. Most of the sets also include: crystal infused rollerball perfume, not only will you be smelling good but your energy will be feeling good. Last but not least, the crystal sets vary in their inclusion of: crystal angels (pictured below), crystal jewelry, crystal points and obelisk, crystal hearts; and etc.

Some of the crystal sets consist of palm stones (pictured below), which are very good in generating energies when rubbed between the palms of hands. And also, a great alternative to stress balls. The difference between palm stones and stress balls are, energies are being provoked or generated with the use of palm stones.

It's Self Care Sundays and although, self care is every day. If you're looking or finding alternative ways to relieve stress, alleviate yourself of anxieties and healing methods, crystals are very effective. For overall wellness, vitality and well being.


For product information and purchase, click on the link below:

Gem State Boutique

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Energy Forecast of The Day: 'The Next Cycle'

Posted On: September 30, 2018

"The Next Cycle."


Just like the earth, Mother Nature goes through seasons which are actually, cycles; and so do we. The moon goes through cycles as well, just like we do. Wherever you maybe in your life right now or whatever you might be going through, just know with all cycles there's always an ending that brings in a new beginning. Whatever it maybe, if it's not good, tomorrow will be better. And in order for that tomorrow to be better, your mindset must be able to envision it in your present moment. That is the gift of the future.

In The Moon Tarot's Energy Reading for Today, it is advised to prepare yourselves in strength with the impression of one thing being accomplished or completed. To usher in the new aspects of what will become your testimonies.

Check the full reading below.

With its Tarot divination of The Seven of Wands, Lord of Valour card. As expressed by The Moon Tarot, there are new tests. So, have no fear and whatever the challenges are, those challenges are designed to mold changes in you for the betterment of yourselves.


Source: The Moon Tarot


Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Protect Your Energy'

Posted On: September 28, 2018

'Protect Your Energy'


It's an act of self care.

Energy has always been around, it's nothing new. It's the universe's language. Energy as expressed before is spiritual currency, in the manner of exchanges but on an energetic level. Energy currencies and exchanges.

Whenever you come in contact with other people, there is always a form of energetic exchanges. One way to identify it is how do you feel around a person or persons? and after they've left? Energetic exchanges can either nurture, fortify and magnify your energies, or deplete and drain them as depicted in The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading. In other words, energetic exchanges add, subtract or synchronize.

There's regular energetic exchanges and then, there's sexual energy exchanges (sex) through sexual relations (I will get into that some other time).

Your energies are a form of currency, view it as that and it is very, very valuable. Without it, you can't do anything. It is your life force. It is the power that empowers your life and everything around you. It's your power source. You apply energy to create, you apply energy to manifest, objects can't move until you apply your energy to physically move it; and etc.

They've even tried to manufacture energy and sell you it in a can, that's how beneficial and valuable your energy is.

There are some people when they get really mad or upset, the lights in their homes flicker or the fuse of the light bulbs blow out, that's how magnifying a person's energy can be. Or a person has a Midas touch energy. Whereas, energy is amplifying if charged, harnessed from within and generated properly.

With that said, below is the full energy reading for today.

You can feel or sense when your energy is being drained, so take the proper precautions in protecting oneself and honor yourself in that act of self care. And the rest of the reading is self explanatory. Self care is healthcare, it's not just a lifestyle but a way of life.

The Tarot divination is The Prince of Swords who defends and protects their inner peace.


Source: The Moon Tarot