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EmojiWorks IntroducesTheir Emoji Keyboard

Posted On: November 07, 2015

EmojiWorks recently debuted their Emoji Keyboard, equipped with all the emoji icons to help consumers communicate better in expressing their thoughts and emotions. 

The Emoji Keyboard is a bluetooth wireless device which is compatible with: Mac, iOS and Windows on tablets, laptops and desktops. To provide consumers with the best service, EmojiWorks created the Emoji Keyboard with different selection of skin tones for the icons, in both pro and plus versions.

Below is a introductory footage of the new keyboard.

The Emoji Keyboard is on the market for pre-order and more information is available by clicking on the >>> link.


You Are The Universe and I Am The Earth

Posted On: November 02, 2015

If you are the universe, then I am the earth because only the universe can sustain the earth. My light attracts and belongs with the universe that resonate its power to radiate.

If you are the sun, then I am the earth because only the sun can sustain the earth and activate the flow of the oceans, make the petals of each flower bloom; and give butterflies their wings.

If you are the universe, then I am the light, that is neither too bright or too much but everything in your universe to illuminate our passion.

I am the earth and you are the universe who could only sustain and hold me, so I can orbit for an eternity around your sacred cosmos.

Written by: Andrale Marie’
Copyright © 2015
Disclaimer: Poem

Painting by: BKTheArtist


Hello November: A Time For New Beginnings

Posted On: November 02, 2015

We are in the eleventh month of 2015, it's November. Usually the animals start to hibernate around this time of the year, their hibernation is a prepping tool, where they rest up, retain their energy, their bodies are producing new cells, their shedding off old furs and producing new ones. By the time they wake up, they are invigorated with a newfound strength, power and going into a new season, phase of their lives.

The trees as well are going through this process of new beginnings. The trees' leaves are changing color, the tree is shedding off its leaves, they are actually making room for the production of new leaves in the Spring. It's also 360, the process of evolution. All things, including us go through it.

I've written it somewhere before, "utilize the seasons for what they are." Anything you might want to change, even sowing a seed towards a goal or dream, this would be the best time to do it. Understand the earth (nature) and you will gain a better understanding of yourself. 


The Art Of Love

Posted On: November 02, 2015

He is a paintbrush.
And she is a canvas.
Every stroke creates a masterpiece.
Their passionate about each other,
like DaVinci was with Mona Lisa.
If you could capture their love,
would a painting tell it all?


Or would their art of love be displayed in the garden of Eden, the place he unearths Eve.

Written by: Andrale Marie'
Copyright: © 2011
Revised: © 2015
Disclaimer: Poem

Painting by: BKTheArtist