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Did The Oscars Plagiarize From The God Of Arts Called, Ptah

Posted On: February 28, 2015

Things that make you go hmmm. But most of all, some of you are asking, "who is Ptah?" Of all the lessons history classes in school should be teaching us, it seems like certain truths were left out the books.

Ptah was the god of arts. And it raises questions of how we went from Gods and Goddesses, to Kings and Queens and fell from our greatness and became slaves. But more importantly, how do we elevate ourselves to reclaim our greatness and become great again? Some questions become theories, others reveal answers, and some require research to discover the answer. But that's another post.

Ptah pictured above looks similar to the Oscars mini statues that are given out as awards to actors and actresses. And the irony of it is, what actors and actresses do in media entertainment, is a form of art.

It raises eyebrows about plagiarism but most of all, how America capitalized on the truth of Black history and banked off its powers.

We won't get into it too much. The details and truth is already written in stones.


Throwback Wordplay - Politics As Usual

Posted On: February 06, 2015

"Got so many ideas like a mad scientist with the formula to blow/ got nitro in my words with enough power like C4/ but I'm not a chemist though/ I'm a woman built to last/ call me the iron lady."

--- Andrale Marie'


Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Does Art Inspire Fashion, Or Does Fashion Inspire Art?

Posted On: February 04, 2015

Art is fashion and fashion is art, but who's inspiring who? Does art inspire fashion or does fashion inspire art? Things that make you go hmmm.

Fashion requires a lot of blueprints, which are mostly sketches of designs a fashion designer wants to create and develop.

Fashion designers are very creative and also, artistic people. They create in shapes, sizes, colors and etc. Just like a painting but instead, their canvases are working with different materials of clothing such as: cotton, lycra, denim and etc. Well, fashion designers also, use the element of canvas with sketch pads or any kind of paper to draw what they want to create.

Art and fashion inspire one another. Fashion draws from art to create and art gives fashion a platform for it. Art makes it easier to promote and market pieces designed by a fashion designer and of course, it helps with their creativity.

Fashion has inspired several classic paintings and have been the theme for art shows and art galleries.

Art ranges with different elements, graphic designs is digital art and several fashion designers have begun incorporating it into their creativity and designs. Fashion designers are also using computer software to design, some still use the classic way of pencil and sketch pad.

Both art and fashion require passion. For without, imagnation would have no wings.