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Lions Can Open Doors, Umm Why Are We Surprised?


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Mar 09, 2015

In a throwback video of a family's recent trip to South Africa, while taking pictures of a pack of lions, they discovered lions could open doors. The family was shocked and so was the writer who wrote the story about it. Animals are not dumb, they are not superior in intelligence like us but they are not stupid either. Animals have this connection with nature that we've somehow disconnected from due to technology, but that's another topic.

We believe in studying animals, it can give us a better understanding of our world, nature, and even creation. We've seen videos of dogs and other animals mourning the lost of another one. Have you ever wondered if animals feel emotional pain like we do? And how do they heal themselves? Emotional and physical pain are not the same.

With animals, some of them have certain powers, like owls ability to see through darkness without light, which is their night vision and their high sense of awareness. Or a spider who weaves its net and the material of the net is durable and sometimes better than the materials we create. In understanding those things, we discover knowledge.

But anyhow, check the video out.