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9 Ether

Posted On: November 25, 2016

Celestial beings made of cosmos, stars and all youniverse (universe).

"The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded."

— Prof. Lawrence M. Krauss


Digital Art by: undrdg GrfX


The Language of The Soul

Posted On: November 21, 2016

Do you know who you are? In soul? in spirit? Do you understand the language of your soul? Do you understand the rhythm of your heartbeat? Is it in-tuned with your soul? Do they speak the same language? Or perhaps the soul understands the music of the heart. 

Each of us came with our own guides, a map to this thing called life. The heart shall reveal the language of the soul and help you understand, innerstand and overstand; all you have to do is ask and listen. 

"Listen with your heart. Learn from your experiences, and always be open to new ones."

-- Native American Proverbs


Painting by: Sharon Irla 


Self Improvement & Empowerment: Conquering The Lower Self

Posted On: November 21, 2016

"As above, so below."

Usually, a painting, a piece of art speaks a million silent words. Painters/artists sometimes communicate through their masterpieces. Paintings for me, has always been silent poetry and stories that whisper.

This art piece below was inspired and represents the laws of martial art. But I saw something different, it echoed conquering the lower self.

The lower self is what would be called, hell or the devil in a person. People give satan too much credit, if something goes wrong, some people will blame the devil and manifest low energies because of it. It's not always the devil but you or evil in another person. True indeed, there is a duality law in the universe of good and evil, polarities and etc. These laws exist within us. We are the yoUniverse, we are constructed of it. There's an energy about us that is beyond this earth. Have you ever looked into somebody's eyes and saw how they twinkle like the stars in the sky? Or seen how a person smiles and lights up like the sun. Even the mysterious nature of another, sometimes hidden but seems to shine like the moon.

Ok, I got a little poetic there, but anyhow, if you keep blaming or faulting a devil for things that happen to you in life, then you will manifest and generate energies that will attract those experiences to you. Most of it is because of religion and the conditioning from it. Maybe you don't realize it, by doing that, you are operating from your lower self. Sh*t happens in life, everybody goes through trials and tribulations but it's all about survival. It's one thing to live, it's another thing to survive. To have a strong will, a strong backbone where you can elevate from your lower self to rise into your higher self. And the above digital artwork literally illustrates this notion.

The higher self will never see themselves as a victim but always victorious in all situations. The higher self will always conquer the enemy within and even external ones. The higher self is optimistic and always sees (envisions) better days ahead. The higher self knows and has an inner-standing that God exist in them. And will manifest and generate God like energies.

If somebody gets hooked on drugs, another might make a comment that the devil has a hold on him. No, that person went and did drugs on their own and is his own devil. That person is struggling to get off drugs because they are functioning from the lowest aspect of themselves. Again, sometimes it's not the devil but the devil in you.

Conquer the lower aspect of yourself and rise into your higher self. The heaven state of your being, you will began to see life from a different angle and manifest angel like energies from within you.


Digital Art bySReal


Round Table: Economic Progress, Education and Empowerment

Posted On: November 21, 2016

I never understood why Black women wear the most weaves and hair pieces but yet, all those stores are owned by everybody else but them. Or why there are so many Chinese restaurants in every melanin community but yet you hardly see any Black owned restaurants in Chinatown. Everybody is getting a piece of that melanin pie, coming to their communities, setting up shop and making money.

But how much money does a Black community make from its own community?

Things that make you go hmmm.

Are you getting a piece of that melanin pie?


Ever Wondered Why Eyes Twinkle Like Stars?

Posted On: November 18, 2016

Did you ever look into someone's eyes and saw how their eyes twinkled like stars from afar? Did that ever make you wonder why eyes twinkle like stars.

Because you are born to shine, from within the yoUniverse (universe) that exist in you. 


"Reach for the stars from within you."

— Andrale Marie'