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The Muse

Posted On: February 15, 2016

"The muse,
her mystery is so profound,
she's like a puzzle but somehow,
your soul knows every piece to it."


Written by: Andrale Marie'
Disclaimer: Poetic Quote
Copyright: © 2016


The Flow of Words

Posted On: February 15, 2016

"Words just flow like water.
A lake of delight perhaps,
a river on its path to greatness
or an ocean of pearls with endless treasures of wisdom."


Written by: Andrale Marie'
Disclaimer: Poetry
Copyright: © 2016


Quote of The Day: Wiz Khalifa - 'Become a Founder of Your Dreams and Build It'

Posted On: February 13, 2016

"All you need is a foundation to stand on/ And you can build it."

-- Wiz Khalifa

This is one of the lyrics, more like the hook from Wiz Khalifa's joint 'Elevated' off his new album "KHALIFA."

Basically, find and become a founder of your dreams, goals, whatever your passion, talents and etc. are, (it's your foundation or it becomes it); and build off that.

Artist: Unknown (But if you out there, let it be known so you can shine in your masterpiece.)


Quote of The Day: Kanye West - Send Blessings, Not Depression

Posted On: February 12, 2016

Happiness is a blessing, let that energy flow and give G.O.O.D vibes!

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Quote of The Day: Climb The Mountain and Expand Your Vision

Posted On: February 09, 2016

"The mountain is not an obstacle and it's there for you climb it.

So, you can see better with by expanding your horizon, in order to magnify your vision."

--- Andrale Marie'


The Tale of Two Roses

Posted On: February 09, 2016

In the land of Eden, two different men entered a garden and saw two rare, distinctive roses. Although the roses appeared to be similar, both of them had disparities in their nature.

The first man approached the roses and picks one up. He looks at it and admires its exquisite beauty. He smiles at the petals which sort of glisten in the sun. He then notices the rose’s thorns and touches it. He gets stung and frowns. He throws the rose down and saw a knife at the table, he takes it and removes all of the rose’s thorns. He then looks at the rose one more time but notices something different about the rose, as if it lost its luster. The man pays it no mind and walks out the garden with his rose.

The second man approaches the other rose, feels it and admires its softness. He then picks it up, smells the rose and is captivated by its sweet aroma. The man in his own way is bonding with the rose, as he traces his finger along the stem of it and sees the thorns of the rose. He gently and carefully touches it but doesn’t get stung. He realizes the thorns of the rose serves a purpose in protecting the rose, its essence and especially, the softness of the rose’s petals. He places the rose on the table and notices the knife, picks it up and shreds some of the tablecloth off. He takes the cloth, covers and wraps the thorns of the rose. The man thought to himself that if he wants the rose, he has to accept the rose as it is, the softness of its petals and the thorns of it too. Thinking about it made him smile, as he reflects about the rarity of the rose and its mixture of yin and yang elements. The man picks up his rose, smells it again and takes a moment to capture his experience in the garden and leaves with his rose.

Out of these two men, who loved their rose? And only one of the two roses will survive and last a lifetime for one of the men.

Moral of the story: A man who covers a woman in prayers, realizes he can't change her but God can. He still accepts her for who she is and his prayers turns her ashes into passion and flaws into beauty.


Written by: Andrale Marie'
Disclaimer: Inspirational
Copyright © 2016