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Open Discussion/Round Table: Going To The Strip Club Together

Posted On: June 10, 2016

One of the headlines in news publication this week was Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's divorce being finalize. But what made it a major headline was both Amber and Wiz celebrated the divorce, by going to a strip club and it was very rare. I mean come on, where do you hear things like that? At the same time, it displayed the maturity of Amber as far as their previous relationship, her emotions, just overall holding no hard feelings; and choosing to celebrate the love they once shared, instead of letting the negative outweigh the positive. Amber chose to bask in the positive because not many women could of done what she did, after finalizing a divorce. It would be more like order of protections, drama and etc. 

I admire how Amber Rose showcased as a woman, you can't always let your emotions govern you, fog your choices/decisions and that's something everyone in general can learn from. And to always remember the good in every experience. 

With that said, it brought back the topic of going to the strip club together while in a relationship. I've verbalized my take on the whole matter and there's nothing wrong with it. Because if a woman is not willing to fulfill some of her man's or husband's fantasies, he will find somebody that will (and that's another article). Besides that, who wants to be a boring relationship? A passionless, un-stimulating relationship? It's very important to keep the flame of passion burning in a relationship and sometimes, those flames can burn for an eternity. 

A lot of women think going to the strip club establishes an opportunity for the man to cheat. Well, if he is immature and just can't control that stick of his, then no. But if he is a mature man, who wants to experience his fantasy with the woman he loves, then why not? A woman in a relationship with that type of man, should grant him what he desires and he'll most likely rise in love with her.

Going to the strip club is a fantasy for both couples to bond, liberate themselves of inhibitions individually and with one another, so they can be more receptive, free; and comfortable as an individual and with one another. A woman can choose to be in control of the whole situation, for example: be the one who pays for the lap dance, instruct the dancer and create the kind of atmosphere she desires and also, take into account of his as well. This will enable for both of them to enjoy and fulfill the fantasy with each other, have fun, even share a few laughs in between drinks or conversations; and create an experience that will be unforgettable.

Also, going to the strip club together improves the nature of sex in a relationship, magnifies lovemaking, enhances intimacy with one another; and amplifies orgasm maybe by a trillions watts. It will propel it to be one that is out of this world. 


Mantras and Affirmations: Life is a Journey to Fulfill

Posted On: June 03, 2016

Live the life you always wanted, what are you waiting for? Because time won't wait for you.

With that said,

Life is journey to fulfill. Capture the moments, make an investment in something that will enrich it.