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Lessons Growing Up That Contributes to Our Growth

Posted On: July 17, 2016

To me, earth is like one big school. Somethings are like "déjà vu," leaving you with a feeling like you've been in this place or met this person before, although it's the first time. It also produces the thought of "where?" and "when?" As if you're trying to remember things from your past life. I believe in reincarnation, I believe the energy of the soul never dies. The accomplishments of the purpose and destiny we are created to fulfill, determines how we are reincarnated. But that's another article on its own.

If you are not learning as you go about this thing called life, then you are not growing. There are some lessons that will remain with us forever, it's almost like a study guide. Out of our mother's womb, we learn lessons about this earth that appears to be new to us. We learn how to crawl first before we walk, we learn how to walk before we run and as babies, our communication with our parents was through crying. As we developed into toddlers, the lessons continue and our parents began to teach us how to count, what trees are, the clouds; and etc, to better understand the world around us. As children, entering pre-k and learning the education curriculum, we also began to learn lessons of interactions aside with our parents, we learn new lessons of how to interact with our peers, in making friends; and etc.

As we journey in life, the lessons continue and they never stop. Lessons are not suppose to stop because they contribute to our growth and evolution. Some lessons we learn from making mistakes, some lessons are painful and they make us stronger, some lessons teach us new things, new skills and; sometimes, help us discover inner talents and abilities. As adults, there are lessons we will reflect on. We began to understand how things happen for a reason and how some lessons lead us to better understand ourselves.

One of the lessons I've learned growing up was from my Mother and it's a lesson I always reflect on. Maybe because I'm still learning it. I remember being in class and the teacher writing on the board, notes for us to document and decipher them based on our understandings(inner standing). I remember two of my peers who were sticking their tongues out, middle finger at me and just being an annoyance. I had tried my best to stay focus on the teacher but eventually, me and those students clashed and we all were sent to the principal's office. My mother was called in and I explained to her what happened. I'll never forget this, my mother asked me what the teacher wrote on the board and I couldn't remember. She would not even let me look at some of the notes I had already taken but just kept asking the same question. She even asked the annoying students the same question and they couldn't remember. And then she asked me, if the teacher was to give an exam tomorrow about what was written on the board, would I be prepared, would I past the exam. And I said no. So, my mother stated, if I knew the importance of what was on the board, it was something that was teaching me in order to further my education, why would I cause another person to distract me from it?

From there, I got defensive, bringing up what the students were doing, how they were sticking their middle finger at me, how I was not going to let anybody mess with me and etc. And mother was not trying to hear it. My Mother asked me how did I know they were sticking their middle finger at me and I replied to her because I saw them. She asked me, how did I see them and I told her because I turned around to look. And she repeated to me, "you turned around, why did you make a choice to turn around?" She asked me again, what was on the board, what was the teacher's lesson and what did I learn. And I could not answer her. And I tried bringing up what those kids were doing again and my mother stopped me mid-sentence. My mother said to me, "I don't care what those kids were doing, as long as they were not putting their hands on you, it could of easily been ignored." She continued stating, "they didn't care enough to pay attention in class, to learn nor cared about their education and you allowed them to distract you from learning, and paying attention to something that is beneficial to your education." And then she asked me, "what is important? them sticking their middle finger at you or what your teacher was writing on the board?" And then said, "out of those two, what will help you be a better you tomorrow, someone who teaches you or someone who annoys you?" From this point on, I didn't respond to my mother, I was listening although acting like I wasn't and absorbing everything she said like a sponge.

On that day, my mother taught me a lesson on how paying attention to the wrong people, the wrong things can cost you and hinder you from doing the right things or manifesting the right things. She taught me a lesson about choices, what I choose to focus on and how certain situations have no effect to affect me, unless I give it power. For some reason, I always reflect on this lesson as if it's a study guide to help me understand situations and also, to better understand myself. My mother used to always say to me, "in order for you to know and understand your enemy, you have to know and understand yourself." And years later, it still resonates.

What lessons did you learn from your parents? Or grandparents? or maybe a teacher, a coach that still resonates today. The lesson is or lessons are still part of your growth, it's still teaching you and guiding you in becoming a better you.