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When He Prayed For You and You Are His Blessing

Posted On: August 07, 2016

Say it again! "When he prayed for you and you are his blessing." Uh huh, two snaps and a twirl hunny!

How many of you ladies know there is a man out there praying for you? on some Bryson Tiller asking God to save you for him. Men do pray ladies and have conversations with God about matters of the hearts and talk to God about the woman they love. Some men play that tough act but please, they get weak in the knees when it comes to their queen, they'll almost faint. We all seen the video of the groom that was on the verge of fainting, when his bride came walking down the aisle towards him and it took his homie to hold him up.

And his tears brought us to tears. When I first saw the video, I said to myself, "he must of been praying for her for a long time." I wondered what his story, his testimony was when it came to love. Was this a man who struggled and had obstacles with love? It was just amazing to watch, to see the energy of love at work and how powerful it is. It was inspiration for men out there who might be having a tough time finding the one, their one true love to not give up and one day, she'll become the essence of their dreams. 

The video literally displayed the groom, Gabriel Deku becoming weak in the knees and falling in love. What made it special was, as the bride, Annabella is walking down the aisle, she became his angel who gave him wings, for both of them to rise in love together. How she was his blessing and the answer to his prayers.

It was an all around blessing, because Annabella expressed to other ladies to not give up on love and to never allow any man or anybody to make them feel like they don't deserve to be loved. To never allow any man to make them feel like they are not enough, because with the right man, they will be more than enough. And most of all, that there is a man out there who will love them like God loves them, flaws and all.

Annabella's statement after her wedding is as followed below:

"Ladies, don't you ever think you're not perfect enough, not beautiful enough, not unique enough, not Godly enough, not intelligent enough to be blessed with a wonderful man. Don't you ever settle. If God can bless someone like me, He can bless you. Thank you Father for showing me your love through a man who loves me despite my flaws."

Never settle for less when God instilled greatness in you. Great love is out there, believe in it and preserve your heart for it. Don't take part in any idle talk that categorizes all men or women as the same, don't limit yourself nor feed on the fruit of bitterness. But feed on all that is love, exude love and generate the energy of it, so you can rise greatly in it. Love is an energy that is very pure and powerful. Love expands all things, including you to become a better person.

Check out Gabriel and Annabella special moment below.


Photos Courtesy of: Adebayo Deru Photography


Identity: Do You Know Who You Are?

Posted On: August 02, 2016

I wanted to write and do an article about the importance of declarations and speaking power unto oneself. And I will, this is the first part of it. I started thinking that if somebody does not know who they are, then how can they declare or affirm anything about themselves? So, the question is, do you know who you are? Are you aware of your identity? Not just your name, but who are you really? It's one thing to declare something about yourself, but if you don't believe it or have a conviction for it, then how can it manifest?

It has to do with identity and what defines you. The identity of belief and conviction of oneself, and the definition of it. For example: a student walks into a school counselor's office and opens up about becoming an engineer, the counselor tells the student it's not a possible goal for them and they should consider something else. The student disagrees with the counselor and went forth in his achievement of becoming an engineer. That student knew themselves and somehow knew one day he or she would become an engineer, even if others didn't believe. The student already developed a sense of identity, which defined who they are and refused to let anybody place limitations on it.

Identity is very important when it comes to manifesting goals and dreams. For a person to say, "I am great" or "I am going to be great," there has to be a deep conviction and powerful belief to believe in the reality of it, in order to bring it into existence. Who are you in your goals, dreams and etc.? And how do you evolve or become the person who accomplishes those goals, dreams and etc.? Every answer is different because it is based on individuality.

To know oneself is to discover your identity, no not your name but who are you? In soul and spirit? And when you know yourself, you will not allow anybody, situations; and etc. to place limitations on you. Knowledge of who you are is powerful and when you apply that power in the identity of knowing who you are from within, you become unlimited. Once you've discovered your identity, then you will be able to speak, affirm and make declarations about yourself; and be productive in them. Because in order for you to grow into those words, you would have to identify with them first.


May Your Heart Be Light as a Feather, So You Can Soar

Posted On: August 01, 2016

"Keep your heart light as a feather and you will soar like an eagle or hawk."

-- Andrale Marie'

Hmmm, what do you think that means? Or how does it resonate to you?

The eagle soars and has the ability to fly over any storms, instead of taking shelter like the other birds, the eagle reaches new levels. And of course, the hawk soars and is able to fly at a higher distance.

Would the eagle or hawk have the ability to fly if one of them had a heavy heart? How about any kind of baggage? The answer is no, because those things could weigh them down. In the same sense, it would be difficult for a person to reach new levels if they have a heavy heart or carrying any baggage.

A heavy heart and baggage coincides with one another. Baggage in the form of carrying around things that happened in the past, guilt, pain and etc. All those things affect the emotional and spiritual nature of the heart, and causes the heart to become heavy. And if a person's heart is heavy, how can they fly or reach new levels in their life?

The hawk can be your spirit animal or you can have the spirit of a hawk, but if you have a heavy heart, then how can you soar like one? And if there's baggage there, it's time to let go. It's time to do a heart detox and cleanse your heart of any heavy feelings and emotions. Rid yourself of unhappiness, sadness, pain from situations that's already happened and people who are no longer in your life, let it go! Why are you still holding on? Pain does not attach itself to anybody, it has to be held, so let it go! This guilt that's been weighing on your heart, please forgive yourself today of whatever it is you are beating yourself about and began to heal.

Technically, it's not your experiences, situation, environment or the people you are around or come in contact with that's making you unhappy; but it's your reaction, perspective; and the interactions of energies. You are the only one with the power to allow anybody or anything to affect you. If you don't like something, change it and if you can't, make peace with it and move on. And please stop replaying negative experiences over and over again. It happened, leave it where it is, for example: if something happened two weeks ago, let it stay there! Because today is not having it, two weeks ago is past tense and today is the present, a gift to you; so unravel and discover all the blessings of it.

August is a month of transition where September comes in with the evolution of change, the leaves start turning colors, the weather changes and etc. So, this month sow a seed towards the betterment of yourself. Let go of any baggage and detox your heart from all that's making it heavy. Forgive yourself, forgive others, make peace with yourself and others as well.

Set your heart free that it may become light as a feather, for you to discover your wings and soar to new levels.