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True Magick Stems From Within/Channeling Energy

Posted On: November 11, 2017

"True magick stems from within."

- Andrale Marie'

In the beginning of the film "The Craft," it displays an altar where we observe the pentagram, candles, herbs and etc., including three witches trying to cultivate power outside of themselves. Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie are trying to harness power outside of themselves utilizing the tools at their altar but are not tapping into any true power.

So, here comes Sarah who is a natural born witch that Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie are not aware of yet. The four of them visit a spiritual botanica store and Sarah interacts with the owner and confided in telling the owner she's never read any books about witches or being a witch. The owner tells Sarah that she is a natural witch and how her power comes from within. Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie take a trip and go out into nature where they made a pact with each other. During making this pact in forming a circle, Sarah holds hands with the others where a transference of energy took place (pictured below). This transference of energy invoked Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie's power when Sarah's energy rubbed off on them. Sarah was the outlet, the source of Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie's power.

Sarah starts bonding with Rochelle, Nancy and Bonnie and starts opening up to them. Sarah expressed, how when she makes wishes, they come true, how her thoughts manifest and become real; and speaking things into existence. Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle were so blown by it that they didn't believe her, especially Nancy because none of them has ever evoked/invoked like that. None of them ever accessed or tapped into power like that. Sarah starts teaching them about evoking, imploring magick and the elements of it, for example: the power of touch, when Sarah touched her hair and it changed color, the power of channeling energy when Rochelle levitated, the power of words in casting spells; and etc. The film goes on and the girls invoke a spirit. Nancy comes into powers that she's never had before, has no knowledge of it and because of this lack of knowledge, Nancy becomes destructive with her newfound power. Because she did not know what to do with it and also, Nancy was exercising those powers from her lower self. Nancy goes against Sarah and influences Rochelle and Bonnie to do the same, unbeknownst to them that their newfound witchy power was being channeled through Sarah's energy. Nancy uses Sarah's fear of snakes which was not her real fear and illusioned magic (magick that's not real and can appear real due to psychological warfare) to get at Sarah.

Sarah goes to the botanica store owner for help, who takes Sarah in the back of the store which is an altar room. She takes Sarah's hands (another transference of energy) to try to help Sarah invoke spirit from within herself, the true source of Sarah's power. During this part of the film, Sarah's real fear was exhibited which was herself. Sarah feared herself and her power because she didn't grow into her power yet nor was she one with her power. Also, she lacked control of her power and because of this, Sarah would unintentionally harm or destroy with her powers. When Sarah observes the botanica store blowing up and witnesses this big ball of fire, she starts running (running away from herself, running away from her truth) and didn't comprehend it was a manifestation of her fears (illusioned magic). Usually people who run away from themselves end up running into themselves, because sooner or later those people have to face themselves. Sarah faces herself and becomes one with her power in facing Nancy. In the end of the film, Rochelle and Bonnie visit Sarah and confided in her how they lost their power and whispered amongst themselves that Sarah lost her power too. But Sarah did not lose her power because Sarah's power came from within herself. Whereas, Nancy, Rochelle and Bonnie where using tools and resources outside of themselves to harness power; instead of channeling it from within. Also, when Sarah removed herself from the pact, the transference of energy was ceased and this is why Rochelle, Bonnie; and Nancy lost their powers.

It's not the pentagram, candles, herbs and etc. that gives one magick, power and etc. True magick stems from within. When magick comes from within yourself, your soul will guide you on which symbols to use (or create), the proper candles, herbs and etc. to utilized because it will resonate with your spirit. True magick does not stem from those tools and resources but yourself. (Your soul will guide you as well towards the spiritual practitioner to work with.) Also, your energy which is a very important aspect of it. It is your energy that charges a crystal or water, it is your energy that infuses an herb, it is your energy that magnifies the light of a candle, it is your energy that stimulates a symbol, it is your energy that invokes spirit; and etc. All of it comes from your energy, that is the source and where true magick stems from. It's all within yourself.

When you rub your bare feet on carpet and touch a doorknob, you get an electric shock. The electric shock did not come from the carpet nor door knob but you. When you rubbed your feet on the carpet, you stimulated a static charge through your energy and touching the door knob is a transference of energy through you, which caused an electric shock. When doctors need to revive life, they have to apply electrical current, shock a person to revive them. Basically applying electricity to electrify a person's energy. Your energy is important. Talk and feel your neck, you will feel your neck vibrating when you are speaking. That vibration is energy and this is where the power of speech comes from. Your heartbeat has its own rhythm, a frequency of your energy.

It's all within your energy and channeling your energy to implore magick, invoke and manifest.

Channeling your energy is to channel your inner God and Goddess towards your Spiritual Health, accessing the divinity within yourself and the Divine with Divination and discovering the nature of who you are beyond the physical world with Metaphysics.

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Awakening the Goddess in You

Posted On: November 05, 2017

Awakening the spirit of the Goddess in you. Yes, hunny, it is time to reclaim your power! The Goddess energy has returned and it is time to generate this energy from within.

The Goddess, the feminine energy has been suppressed for many generations but you can not suppress something that is an important component in our universe. This is why the earth is imbalanced and Mother Nature has been at war with human kind. This all started when Caucasian males started visiting Egypt and came across the ankh and how women where worshiped in Egypt as Goddesses, a female version of a God. And the ankh (the original cross) represents the Goddess energy displaying the womb. When these men came across those ancient text, symbols and statues of these Goddesses, it was too much for them. These men could not fathom nor had the vision to see a woman as a God, which we already know is a Goddess. Mind you, every man that has entered this earth was conceived in a womb of a woman and came through a woman. Seems like a godly attribute of a Goddess.

In trying to suppress the truth, the womb (the feminine energy, the Goddess) was revised and taken out of the original cross (the ankh pictured below). And revamped into the modern cross (Roman crucifixion of Christ) that we know of today. As well as, the original Holy Trinity which is the Divine Mother, Divine Father and the Divine Child but that's another article on its own. You can't hide nor suppress the truth and guess what? The Goddess is back baby! We are in the era where the Goddess, feminine energy has returned to restore balance on this earth.

In moving forward with the topic "Divination, Spiritual Health & Metaphysics," I have to touch on the subject of the Goddess and the feminine energy. Because there are aspects in spirituality and divination which requires working with deities that are Goddesses, channeling feminine energy through fruits, cowries shells, coffee beans and etc. If you don't know the goddess and feminine energy from within yourself, you can't channel it because it comes from within. To plug into this power as a woman, one has to awaken, invoke their goddess energy from within to channel it; and be one with the divine energy of the Goddess.

Throughout history it has been a power struggle with the masculine energy (men) when it comes to the feminine energy (women). This power struggle does not stem from the universe but human kind, men who had a problem with the feminine energy (women) being worshiped as a Goddess. This is in Westernized cultures because other cultures and parts of the world continue the ancient practice of worshiping the Goddess. When you look at the timeline of history, women have been suppressed in their powers and freedom. There was a time when women weren't allowed to vote, if a women knew how to heal herself, had insight, vision and intelligence that stem from within, she was executed; this is what happened during the Salem Witch Trials. In the suppression of their powers and freedom, women were told by men on how to look, feel, how to carry herself, even with her sexuality; and etc. This psychological conditioning continues on today in our society with some of the advertisements and commercials that we see. Especially targeting melaneted women being told they should be lighter in skin, their hair should be straight, their nose should be thin and etc., to look more like European women. Its more of a racist psychological conditioning which has affected women, their confidence and self esteem.

The general psychological conditioning continues to affect women, even in today's modern society. You have some women who would rather embody and see themselves as a king instead of a queen. Mainly because of how the king has been viewed and praised. The queen is just as supreme, royal and powerful as the king. As a matter of fact, the queen is the most powerful piece on a chessboard. The feminine energy is all around us, we see it in oysters (pictured below), fruits, certain flowers, cowries shells, coffee beans; and more.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings forth balance in oneself. It awakens your power as a woman, your innate knowledge, connection to the earth, cosmos; and the universe as a whole. It awakens your intuition, although women are naturally intuitive, awakening the Goddess nurtures and fortifies a woman's intuition. Awakening the Goddess energy from within, a woman begins to see beauty from a different angle, through her eyes and not the eyes of society. This empowers a woman's confidence, belief in herself and cultivates her self esteem. Because beauty is no longer defined through the eyes of another or society but through the eye of her soul.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within also, empowers a woman to bring forth her innate knowledge and wisdom, this energy guides her in healing herself through her soul and spirit. It reconnects women to Mother Nature grounding themselves, in order to elevate into a higher and better version of themselves. Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings enlightenment and knowledge of the women knowing and being familiar with herself, understanding her true power stems from within.


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