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The Only Supermoon for 2017 - Gemini Full Moon


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Dec 02, 2017

Full Moon SuperMoon (Dec 3) in Gemini is prismatic with information, able to shapeshift into multiple expressions. Not an easy path to discern. Best not to get swept up with the tides of misinformation, instead ground into your own center and listen deeply to your Soul. With Mercury just having turned retrograde, there is much to reflect on. This a healing time as well as a time of self-mastery where we have an opportunity to cleanse our perceptions and open up to a new way. Time to upgrade our thinking and remember that we are free to perceive our experience in what ever way we choose. We are powerful beyond measure. Trust in your process and trust in your heart.

Pam Younghans says,

"Depending on which direction we choose to look we can feel profound inspiration and hope or great frustration and disillusionment. Since both Saturn and Mercury are at the same degree as the Galactic Center, this alignment indicates an opportunity for a major reset. This is a time when we can take significant steps in releasing old patterns that have blocked our progress.”

Leah Whitehorse says,

“This big bright supermoon occurs on a day supercharged with astrological activity..Fact and fiction are blended, shaken and stirred and served with a slice of sleight of hand.. Neptune’s confusing vibration can sometimes make us feel weak or defeated before we even start… If you feel confused, stand still, tune into your heart… Let the distraction of the world fall away until you can hear your own inner dialogue..No matter how strange these times are, remember you have a direct line to the cosmos.”

Divine Harmony shares,

"The last Full Moon of 2017 is going out with a bang! …bringing into the full Light of consciousness information, communication, ideas and thinking that needs to be seen for what it is...”

“It’s so important right now karmically to be honest, direct and clear- with ourselves and with others.” Jessica Shepherd says, it’s an “opportunity to catch our awareness mid-stream, to observe how we are deluding or deceiving our self through wrong stories, false perceptions. Astrologer Steven Forrest calls this Neptunian process ‘cleaning the windows’. By becoming aware of what’s obscuring our windows (wrong perceptions), we discover clarity, truth, oneness.”

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Reference, art and source of article: Mystic Mamma