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Within Your Soul Exists The Divine (God/Goddess)

Posted On: February 02, 2017

All human beings can relate that one of their most important journeys in their lives is the search and discovery of God. The connection to a higher being, a divine source. No matter how many churches, mosques, temples; and etc. one visits, until they discover God within themselves, they will aimlessly wander the earth. And sometimes, the spiritual realm.

God/Goddess is not a being, a divine source that exists outside of you but the very being of who you are. Within your soul exists the Divine (God/Goddess) and within the Divine is the answers to all your prayers, the solutions to all your problems/issues, you hold the key that locks and unlocks every door, the ability to manifest miracles; and so much more.

Think about it, that time you prayed for something and your prayers were answered or the time you prayed for Divine intervention and a miracle happened, all those things transpired into existence because of the Divine within you. And accessing your faith to magnify the Divine source in you. No matter what your religion, religious and spiritual belief is, the connection to the Divine can only be accessed through you

Within your soul exists the Divine (God/Goddess), so therefore your soul has knowledge and is aware of what to do to heal, how to manifest, how to ordain (anoint) and bless something, who and what to let go; and etc. All you have to do is listen. 

The Divine (God/Goddess) within is always communicating, showing you signs, making you aware of your own energy through vibrations and frequencies. How your energy connects, responds, moves through feelings and emotions (energy in motion). The Divine within reveals and makes you aware of who and what to distance yourself and stay away from. Reveals/displays visions on how to manifest a dream into reality, to create, expands your third eye to see beyond your circumstances and the physical realm; and etc. 

Too often a lot of people put too much dependency on a religious figure to save them, failing to realize they are people just like you. The only difference is they've discovered and accessed the Divine within them and so could you! There's nothing wrong with a pastor, preacher, rabbi and etc. assisting and helping you on your spiritual journey, faith and etc. But at the same time, that divinity, sacredness you are searching for and desire, exist n you. 

The pastor, preacher or rabbi might guide and show you the path of enlightenment, but it's up to you to look inside within yourself and discover the pathway of your soul to find that light.