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Archived: The Umbrella

Posted On: January 19, 2018

2018 is officially here, this is an archived story from 2013 (with a few edits, added adjustments) to contemplate on self mastery. The CHAlleNgEs that will fortify change or deconstruct change. It all depends on you because we can change for better or worst. Self mastery as in evolving, emerging and unfolding like the butterfly. That the caterpillar has to be expunged to become the butterfly. Or remain a caterpillar and resist change. And deprive self the mastery of growth.

Anyhow, here's the story below.


Let me share a story and I hope it will inspire you.

A few days ago, while traveling, I saw a woman walking on the sidewalk in the rain. The woman had a limp but she was going at it like a trooper. I started to think about the woman, how she could be anybody I know, I thought about how far she had to walk and how her limp with the combination of the rain can be hard for her. Then a thought came to me: “give her the umbrella.”

I had this umbrella for awhile, it’s a very nice umbrella, unique and fashionable. It’s a big umbrella and many people asked me for it but I would never give it to them. I hardly used the umbrella so it remained impeccable.

Another thought had also came into my mind, “she might not appreciate the umbrella.” I started to drive off but for some reason I didn’t, so I pulled over and offered her the umbrella.

The woman was shocked and held her heart. And started to praise God in her own words and said, "you just restored my faith, there are still good people in this world.” She said a couple of blessings as well. She went on and told me how the last couple of months has been hell for her and she asked me for $2 dollars so she can take the bus. I hesitated for a second (again) but eventually I gave it to her. She then apologized for asking me for the $2 dollars and revealed how she has been looking for a job. She also asked me, if I knew any places that were hiring. I advised her to try a couple of places. And then I told her, “God is going to open doors for you.”

The woman looked at me tear struck and said some more praises and expressed her gratitude to me.  We exchanged salutations and we went our separate ways. Not even a minute after I drove off, it started to pour and rain like crazy, in the manner of torrential rain.

I started to cry because I have never hesitated (nor had second thoughts) when it comes to helping a person. If I didn’t offer the umbrella to the woman, she would of been drenched in the rain. But furthermore, what was the whole reasoning of the umbrella and the woman? What was that all about? Somethings are coincidental and other things serve a purpose. And what did my hesitations mean? Was it telling me to be more discerning when it came to helping others?

Sometimes, we don’t realize certain experiences in life changes us subconsciously, until our actions reveal it. We can not allow any experiences to change who we are, unless it makes us better. And the universe will test us to see if our hearts has been changed for better or worst and if our hearts has been tainted.

When we are a vessel to bless others, we can not hesitate, not when it comes to compassion.

The Divine(God/Goddess) works in mysterious ways.

You have to keep believing in the power of good, the power of love, the power of being a positive force in the universe and most of all; the power of all that is Divine in you. That the compassion in your heart, the emphatic spirit in your soul can not be compelled or swayed by outside influences.

In giving the woman the umbrella, she gave me something also, and that was, “there are still good people in this world.” As if that message came from the Universe itself, a Divine intervention that the good in world starts with me.


That's the story and the moral of it, with this year being a year of self mastery, how will you "allow" circumstances, experiences and etc. outside of yourself to shape, mold and redefine who you are? Will it be for better of worst? The mastery of self never comes easy and is always faced with challenges to bring about change. Will the pressures of life deconstruct who you are in soul and spirit, who you are becoming? Or will the pressures of life mold, refine and redefine you into the jewel that you are within? Hmmm... only time will tell, as with all things.

There's other morals to this story as well, because of the angles and how everybody sees things differently. But I let you figure them out for yourself.

Anyhow, may the challenges of 2018 be the catalyst, to stimulate, to spark the changes that we need to incarnate our truest self and the mastery of it.


CC.: The Umbrella - © 2013  (Edited- 2018)


Abundance is Your Birthright, Cultivate & Manifest Prosperity Through Its Womb

Posted On: January 19, 2018

Abundance is a state of mind, it's a state of being. To live abundantly is to know that abundance is your birthright, to have a strong belief in it in order to live more abundantly. This is how you give birth to prosperity through its womb.

I know it's hard to think in abundance with bills or mounting bills, just because you have bills does not represent lack nor poverty. When you let your bills become a burden for you that creates lack, and also stress.

Instead of focusing on lack being a problem, focus more on solutions which will create and open portals, as well as gateways for you to become more abundant in your being, to have a Midas touch. Towards the investment of your dreams, every dream comes with a price and when you pay attention to it, you'll find the resources to harness those dreams into reality.

We're going to get into some candle (money) magick, hunny just to sweeten your taste for it and develop your hunger for abundance. With that said, don't just focus on the money only, focus more on generating, harnessing and creating an energy of abundance and prosperity within yourself.  When you focus more on abundance and prosperity from within, everything will naturally flow, including money.

This candle magick is no different than a priest or pastor lighting a candle and praying for you. The only difference is, you are doing it for yourself, therefore becoming spiritually sufficient in yourself.


We are nineteen days into 2018, it is not too late to set your intentions, to cultivate and manifest what you want to create this year. Also, in terms of creating your reality.

For money magick, this is not a complicated ritual where you have to figure out what you need and what kind of resources (products, materials) to work with. The work is already done for you with a ritually charged candle.

First of all, it is very important to clean your environment before participating in any kind of rituals. Second, your energy has to be high, try to avoid any arguments or conflicts, avoid any news that will upset or cause you to cry for that day or week even better. Emotions are energy in motion, so you want your emotions to be lively, on some happy, go lucky vibrations. To activate the frequency of energy you want to put in motion. Because you need to put your energy in motion to set your intention. You need your energy to set a clear intention and if that energy is foggy, then the intention of your desire is going to be fogged up. That intention you put out into the universe has to be crystal clear.

If you don't have an altar (we'll get into altars some other time), you will need a clean space and to clean it with Holy Water or Florida Water. Also, anoint your space with some basil essential oil for this type of work.

And oh yeah, before you start your ritual it is important to ground yourself in meditation. Light a white plain candle, a white taper candle is better. Sit in a quiet place, allow your mind to clear and start imagining what you want to create with the intention you are going to set. See it like it already happened or happening. Your imagination is the key to opening up the portal/gateway towards abundance and prosperity from within yourself.

You need a "ritually induced/invoked" (ritually charged, programmed with intentions) money drawing candle which you can purchase from House of Intuition (as seen in the picture below).

Once you have your candle, your space is ready to go, you can begin your intention work. Before you light your candle, activate it with touch, get your energy in there. Touch your candle and rub it. Since this ritual work involves bringing something into fruition, rub it in an upward motion. Ladies, treat the candle like a penis and give it a massage. Second, you will need to pray over your candle as in casting the money magick spell ritual. Your words are also, a key to unlocking and manifesting you intention. Make sure you speak with a strong belief and conviction.

For Example: “As the Moon grows, let my spirit continue to grow in prosperity and abundance.”

Format your words to vibrate to the frequency you want to send out into the universe or use your words to generate the energy you want to attract.

You can use money if you choose to. It's like an offering. Use what you have and if you have more, start with $300. Cleanse the energy of that money, sprinkle some Holy Water or Florida Water. Anoint the money with some basil essential oil, also your candle. Once that's done, touch your money, rub it and get your energy in there also. Place your money under the candle and light your candle. If you wan to, you can put some fresh basil around the candle. And through the week, pray over it or say affirmations/mantra over it.

Very simple and easy do it yourself candle money magick ritual.

Set your intentions with a pure heart, manifest with your energy (inner God/Goddess) and everything will naturally flow from within the treasures of yourself.  Affirm like it’s already done. Speak like it’s already done. Try to avoid the word “if” because it is a word that creates doubts. Let your candle burn all the way through, when it's done, say a prayer of gratitude. After that's done, put in the physical work of your intentions ( job promotion, investments, launch your business, pay off your debts; and etc.).

May the enchantment of manifesting be with you and may you continue to discover the magick within yourself, to create the realities of your life. - Answer The Call


2018, a Universal Year 11 and Single Number of 2, What Does It Mean?

Posted On: January 16, 2018

I kept seeing the number 11 everywhere and in everything, even in sequence. Either an address "11 East" and so on, in payment of $11.00 or change in $11.11; and of course every time I looked at my clock, my phone or watch (11:11). A bit of a annoyance but the universe was trying to get my attention.

So, I finally decided to pay attention to the universe, meditate and asked for what needs to be reveal in words.

Following up on this tweet:

Although 2018 is a Universal Year 11, a Master Number, it is also a single number of 2. So, what does the 2 define?

There's the Holy Trinity and I believe in the Cosmic Trinity and the Trinity of the Universe as I call it, which pertains to the Sun, Moon and Stars. The Sun being the father, the Moon being the mother and the Stars being the child. Like the Sun and Moon entwined in a cosmic relationship and creates the Stars out of it. I wrote a poem about it somewhere. Anyhow, the Sun being number 1, the Moon would be 2 and the Stars are 3; and that's what makes the Cosmic Trinity/Trinity of the Universe to me.

Since the Moon is number 2 and we are in # 2 year, the word "Lunar" came up, so that would represent this is a Lunar year, a Moon year. It's ironic because we started 2018 with a super moon and we have another super moon on January 31st. Two super moon in the first month of 2018, how ironic is that. Coincidental? or Synchronicity?

Things that make you go hmmm.

Being a Lunar/Moon year, the word "intuition" came up and broken down it's "in tuition," which could interpret a lesson that has been paid for from a previous lifetime. Tuition is a payment for knowledge, education and etc. In Tuition (intuition) can also translate inner knowledge and hidden knowledge (occult knowledge) and inner wisdom. The Moon is intuitive, it could be intuition as a whole, psychic abilities and awareness. Since the Moon deals with our inner self, a Lunar/Moon year can represent tapping into the subconscious mind, our inner self, our soul, spirit; and developing, as well as mastering our intuitive nature.

"Shadow and Light" came up, that has to do with duality and the number 2. It would make sense for a Lunar/Moon year because the moon illuminates light and it also, goes dark (shadow). What does that construe for us? How does that resonate with you? This would be more of an individual interpretation.

This is my interpretation:

The shadow self is seen as negative but it is also positive (hence, duality), in this case the shadow self would be the inner self, the things that are hidden like hidden knowledge (occult knowledge), it can also clarify forgotten dreams and ambitions which are hidden in the shadow; also seeds (goals) that were planted and maybe due to lack of cultivation, those seeds didn't manifest and it's time to bring them forth into the light for them to bloom.

The light is self explanatory, how do you see your light? Are you afraid of it? Are you ready to own your light and shine? What impact can your light make to the world? Can you bring light to the dark corners of the earth? Is your light intimidating or inviting?

Do you need to polish up on your shine? And what is the purpose of your light? How can you serve others and the world as a light-worker?

Like I said, "shadow and light" is an individual interpretation and most likely resonates on an individual scale.

Well, that's all for now. I hope this provided some insight into 2018 and making it your best, and greatest year and beyond!


#BlackGirlMagic: Find the Light Within & Shine

Posted On: January 08, 2018

You are beautiful, you are divine, find the light in your melanin; and shine.

Video: Viola Davis at the Golden Globes Awards