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Abundance is Your Birthright, Cultivate & Manifest Prosperity Through Its Womb


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Jan 19, 2018

Abundance is a state of mind, it's a state of being. To live abundantly is to know that abundance is your birthright, to have a strong belief in it in order to live more abundantly. This is how you give birth to prosperity through its womb.

I know it's hard to think in abundance with bills or mounting bills, just because you have bills does not represent lack nor poverty. When you let your bills become a burden for you that creates lack, and also stress.

Instead of focusing on lack being a problem, focus more on solutions which will create and open portals, as well as gateways for you to become more abundant in your being, to have a Midas touch. Towards the investment of your dreams, every dream comes with a price and when you pay attention to it, you'll find the resources to harness those dreams into reality.

We're going to get into some candle (money) magick, hunny just to sweeten your taste for it and develop your hunger for abundance. With that said, don't just focus on the money only, focus more on generating, harnessing and creating an energy of abundance and prosperity within yourself.  When you focus more on abundance and prosperity from within, everything will naturally flow, including money.

This candle magick is no different than a priest or pastor lighting a candle and praying for you. The only difference is, you are doing it for yourself, therefore becoming spiritually sufficient in yourself.


We are nineteen days into 2018, it is not too late to set your intentions, to cultivate and manifest what you want to create this year. Also, in terms of creating your reality.

For money magick, this is not a complicated ritual where you have to figure out what you need and what kind of resources (products, materials) to work with. The work is already done for you with a ritually charged candle.

First of all, it is very important to clean your environment before participating in any kind of rituals. Second, your energy has to be high, try to avoid any arguments or conflicts, avoid any news that will upset or cause you to cry for that day or week even better. Emotions are energy in motion, so you want your emotions to be lively, on some happy, go lucky vibrations. To activate the frequency of energy you want to put in motion. Because you need to put your energy in motion to set your intention. You need your energy to set a clear intention and if that energy is foggy, then the intention of your desire is going to be fogged up. That intention you put out into the universe has to be crystal clear.

If you don't have an altar (we'll get into altars some other time), you will need a clean space and to clean it with Holy Water or Florida Water. Also, anoint your space with some basil essential oil for this type of work.

And oh yeah, before you start your ritual it is important to ground yourself in meditation. Light a white plain candle, a white taper candle is better. Sit in a quiet place, allow your mind to clear and start imagining what you want to create with the intention you are going to set. See it like it already happened or happening. Your imagination is the key to opening up the portal/gateway towards abundance and prosperity from within yourself.

You need a "ritually induced/invoked" (ritually charged, programmed with intentions) money drawing candle which you can purchase from House of Intuition (as seen in the picture below).

Once you have your candle, your space is ready to go, you can begin your intention work. Before you light your candle, activate it with touch, get your energy in there. Touch your candle and rub it. Since this ritual work involves bringing something into fruition, rub it in an upward motion. Ladies, treat the candle like a penis and give it a massage. Second, you will need to pray over your candle as in casting the money magick spell ritual. Your words are also, a key to unlocking and manifesting you intention. Make sure you speak with a strong belief and conviction.

For Example: “As the Moon grows, let my spirit continue to grow in prosperity and abundance.”

Format your words to vibrate to the frequency you want to send out into the universe or use your words to generate the energy you want to attract.

You can use money if you choose to. It's like an offering. Use what you have and if you have more, start with $300. Cleanse the energy of that money, sprinkle some Holy Water or Florida Water. Anoint the money with some basil essential oil, also your candle. Once that's done, touch your money, rub it and get your energy in there also. Place your money under the candle and light your candle. If you wan to, you can put some fresh basil around the candle. And through the week, pray over it or say affirmations/mantra over it.

Very simple and easy do it yourself candle money magick ritual.

Set your intentions with a pure heart, manifest with your energy (inner God/Goddess) and everything will naturally flow from within the treasures of yourself.  Affirm like it’s already done. Speak like it’s already done. Try to avoid the word “if” because it is a word that creates doubts. Let your candle burn all the way through, when it's done, say a prayer of gratitude. After that's done, put in the physical work of your intentions ( job promotion, investments, launch your business, pay off your debts; and etc.).

May the enchantment of manifesting be with you and may you continue to discover the magick within yourself, to create the realities of your life. - Answer The Call