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Energy Forecast of The Day: 'The Energy Is Fertile for Growth'


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Oct 16, 2018

'The Energy Is Fertile for Growth.'

The energy is fertile for growth, meaning: it is fruitful and enriched. It's a source that is capable of yielding and producing more. It's an energy for breeding but what will you cultivate with it?


Before you answer that question, The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading provides insight to gain clarity of your answer.

Check it out below.

"Take root firmly and powerfully, you have an abundance of seeds to plant." You are the root and how you plant yourself is what matters. The foundation of a building is the root and how that building was built. So, as the root, what kind of foundation will you create to build off on? How will you take root firmly and powerfully? Although the energy is fertile for growth, how you plant yourself, determines how these abundance of seeds grow. See yourself as the seeds, for the cultivation of them stems from within.

The Tarot divination is the 'Queen of Pentacles.' The art depicts a woman sitting around a lush garden, not so much holding, she bears a pentacle with her and it is centered with the law of the universe of, as above so below. There's magick flowing all over and the woman is royal in the energy of magick, there's a crown on top of her head. The woman's energy is fertile and she's familiarized herself in this garden. The pentacle is a resource of how the woman evokes, brings forth her energy and utilizes the garden to plant her seeds. The Queen of Pentacles' energetic theme is symbolic to prosperity and abundance.


Source: The Moon Tarot - Find A New Film or Documentary