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Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Your Life Is Pure Art.'


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Oct 18, 2018

'Your Life Is Pure Art.'

It truly is. Your life and the world it lives in is a canvas. That's the art of it and there's magick in this canvas. It is a canvas to utilize in harnessing the abilities of an alchemist, to alchemize the realities of your life. And create a masterpiece of it.


By reason of The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading.

"Share you excess energy," as conveyed by The Moon Tarot. Hmmm... Be wise in who you share your energy with, not everybody should have access to your energy. Although in sharing your energy is a gift needed in the world, it is also a gift to discern on how you share it and with whom.

The Tarot divination is the 'Temperance.' In Tarot divination, the Temperance is angel that is both feminine and masculine, the symbology and significant of that is balance. The Temperance is balanced between rocks and water, depicting in the flow of life, one must remain grounded.


Source: The Moon Tarot There's More To You Than You Think