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#ThursdayThoughts: Identify the Patterns, In Order to Break the Cycles


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Oct 18, 2018

Pertaining to Venus Retrograde:


When planets retrograde, the planets go in. They’re not orbiting backwards. But anyhow, Venus Retrogrades every eight years and those retrogrades are about cycles. And every eight year, those cycles comes up for review as in introspection and reflections.

Eight years ago, the reflections and introspection are: we know were we’ve been. How life was for us, our experiences and situations. The kind of people we’ve attracted and had in our lives our experiences and etc. The relationships as in friends and lovers. In terms of cycles.

The introspection and reflections are: do we continue or want to continue in the same pattern of cycles? Or do we change it?  Do we want the same kind of relationships as in friends and lovers? And etc.

Identify the patterns and break the cycles.

What we continuously do, what a person (s) continuously does and what continues to happen is a pattern and patterns tend to form cycles.

Every end, starts with us.

40 days, 40 nights of introspection and reflections. And it won’t happen for another eight years. Utilize it wisely. And take back your power. Whatever that may be.

In order to experience new things, we must shed our old selves, who we used to be, the past and its experiences, people who are not serving us for our highest and greatest good and not in alignment with our purpose and soul's truth; and challenge ourselves to do things differently. The only way things change, is when we do things differently.

Become attentive or more attentive in your boundaries. A light-bulb when it’s turn on, provides light and also, attracts moths. Annoying insects. However, the light-bulb remains focused and un-distracted in its purpose to provide light.

This is your life, take accountability and responsibility for it. It is your responsibility to live it and amplify your soul's truth in it.

Stay focused, conscientious and determined in creating a better life for yourself to live.

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