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#TuesdayThoughts: 'The Category of a Tree'


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Oct 02, 2018

In yesterday's (October 1, 2018) 'Energy Forecast of the Day,' I wrote a little something about trees and how the branches and leaves are an extension of a tree.The inspiration came from a Tyler Perry Madea Stage Play video I received over the weekend. Those Stage Plays are filled with gems and were relatable to people.

Anyhow, I wanted to share the video for #TuesdayThoughts

It's a little over five minutes but the message can make a difference in somebody's life. In the visuals of the video, Madea is having a conversation about the art of letting go. And Madea expressed, how she puts people in "The Category of a Tree." Categorizing them in the likeness of a tree as: the leaves, the branches and the roots.

The Leaves: are not meant to stay, no matter how hard one tries to hold on, the leaves eventually are released with divine timing and its season. As Madea explains it, the leaves blow in the direction of the wind and can't withstand the wind because of how unstable the leaves are.

The Branches: Gives off the illusion that they're stable and strong in their loyalty or having your back. But once the pressure is on, the branches break and fall off. These people usually break out during one's trials and tribulation, no kind of emotional support or etc. The branches break out and leave you high and dry.

The Roots: Now the roots are imperative. The roots of a tree is what nurtures, fortifies and fertilizes a tree. As Madea explains it, the roots in the category of a tree are not a lot of people, just a few, maybe two or three but those are the people who inspire and motivate: the nurturing, fortifying and fertilize the growth of an individual. Those people are not often seen or don't want to be seen just like the roots of a tree, which are not seen but the impact can not go unnoticed.

The tree can have a million leaves but only a few roots which sustains the tree.

Sometimes, leaves or branches can progress into roots, the people who make the effort to change things for the betterment of both parties involved. But if somebody does not make the effort to improve things, those people don't care and it's better to let go for the betterment of yourself.

Madea also, dropped some other gems in this video. Love yourself! In any decision you make, put yourself in the category, you or them? you or this place (job, environment & etc.). When you put yourself in the category of a decision, it makes it easier to decide. And if you're not choosing yourself, something is wrong.

Another gem in the video is: some people are afraid of being alone and don't know what's it's like to be alone. Always praying about wanting friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and etc., but yet can't be by themselves. Can't love themselves in solitude (or love themselves as a whole), can't deal with themselves in solitude and don't even know themselves but yet want the responsibility of loving, dealing and knowing another person.

And more gems which were: get to know yourselves! Work on you, learn to be happy with yourself and love yourselves. And then, everything else will vibrate in the direction of your heart's desires.

Check out the video below.