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Benefiting from Uranus Entering Taurus and the New Moon in Taurus

Posted On: May 16, 2018

Yesterday on May 15th, Uranus entered Taurus activating an energy that will bring forth unexpected and momentous changes. These changes will center around finances, banking, anything pertaining to business, growth, revolution; and more. At the same time, there was a New Moon in Taurus. How can you benefit from it? and maximize this energy to serve you.

Taurus is the sign of the bull.

The symbolism of the bull in every culture is prosperity, growth and fertility; this is a great time for womb/uterus/fertility cleanse.

The womb is the temple where life is harnessed and grows.

Utilize this Taurus energy as a resource towards your well being.

In terms of womb/uterus/fertility cleansing, it will help alleviate and get rid of energy imprints from previous relationships. As well as, energy DNA imprints from previous relationships.

You do not want to have a child for a man that has the energy DNA imprint of another man. We all have energetic imprinted DNA from our parents that reflect in terms of personalities, characteristics, certain habits and etc. Even DNA energy imprints of our ancestors.

Although, we are individuals, DNA energy imprints are passed down through bloodlines and lineage.

Also with womb cleansing, this helps generate and maximize an energy of growth and prosperity.

Energy is spiritual currency, it’s an asset, take care of it.

Find a good spiritualist or a Vagina Spa, are there even Vagina Spas? there should be but anyways, detox those vaginas and get a womb/uterus/fertility cleanse.

Alchemize this energy to benefit you! 

It is a strong, powerful and magnetic energy!