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Ritualizing Affirmations and Mantras with Mirrors

Posted On: June 24, 2018

Mirrors can be an effectual tool to utilize for your affirmations and mantras. It is a resource that can be ritualized during your affirmations and mantras, resulting in productive and practical developments. Also, a mirror can be an effective therapeutic tool if used properly. A mirror is a gateway, a portal depending on how it is employed.

Lets get into how you can access the power of a mirror to benefit you.

How can you ritualize your affirmations and mantras using a mirror? It's really simple and the results are extremely beneficial, especially with affirmations and mantras starting with the words "I am."

There are different variables of affirmations and mantras depending on the individual. For example: one of your daily affirmations and mantras might be: "I am one with the Universe," "I am a smart student," "I am skillful" and etc. Just to name a few. While you're saying and speaking these affirmations and mantras into existence, find a mirror and get in front of it. Once you are in front of the mirror, start speaking and saying these affirmations and mantras with conviction and persuasion. The mirror empowers your words by reflecting the manifestation and fundamental truth of it. In reflecting that, you are merging and becoming one with the power and energies of those words, from within each affirmations and mantras.

In ritualizing your affirmations and mantras with a mirror, it is a great tool to manifest and harness confidence. To feel good about yourself, to feel sexy, confident in your skin; and a sense of security and assurance in yourself.

The mirror like I said, is a therapeutic tool when it comes to self care. The more empowering, motivating and inspiring affirmations you say and speak in front of the mirror, the more that truth starts to reflect and echo into your reality.

Ritualizing a mirror with your affirmations and mantras can be beneficial, when it comes to growth and transformations.

The mirror is a portal, a gateway of transference to connect and merge into who you want to become and be. It is a very powerful tool to use during the process of growth and transformations. The mirror also, is a good tool to use to reflect on how much one has grown, transformed and evolved.

So, mirror, mirror on the wall,

May your affirmations and mantras be a reflection of your inner truth, transmit itself through the mirror and become the reality of that truth.

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Summer Solstice Invocation

Posted On: June 21, 2018

We are going to continue with the Summer Solstice theme bringing you an invocation from The Moon Tarot.

"An invocation is a series of intentions that invoke spirit into your words. Use this Summer Solstice Invocation to enhance your integration of this peak in your cycle."

Center yourself, you can light a white or yellow candle if you want to and invoke spirit into words as expressed by The Moon Tarot. You can go outside and align yourself with the sun, its energy, its light; and get sun kissed if you choose to.

With that said, here is your Summer Solstice Invocation.

May the energy and light of the sun be with you.

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Tarot Thursdays: The Sun

Posted On: June 21, 2018

With today being the Summer Solstice and officially summer, it is only right to feature The Sun card in our Tarot Thursdays segment.

The Sun is one of the Major Arcana cards in the tarot representing different symbolic meaning and occult elements. That being said, let's get into the illustrated symbology of The Sun, what it represents, its meaning and resonance; and how it resonates with you in spirit. Also the numerology aspect of it.

What is the first thing you notice looking at the above card, The Sun card in tarot? What sticks out the most for you? We are going to start with the sun itself, the sun has a serene and peaceful expression on his face. The sun portrays different rays, some of it is straight (linear) and some of the rays are wavy. The symbology of the wavy rays represent vibration and frequency. The wavy rays depict high and vital energy. While the linear waves represents being one and in alignment with that energy (a direct connection/tranference) and also, your highest and truest self. It depicts the progression of one cycle to another, the illustration of the sun being a circle and the different extending rays. Both rays symbolize an energy of radiance and brilliance. The sun itself is the source and sustains all things. The demonstrated symbology of the sun itself is the alignment, the alliance and being one with source, and that source can be a depiction of God, Goddess, your ancestors; and etc. A symbolic meaning and occult element of spiritual enlightenment. As well as, the guidance and protection of source. And this where the child on the horse will come into play here.

The Sun card in tarot displays a child who is naked on a horse. The symbology of the naked child portrays the unveiling and unmasking of your truest and most authentic self. Baring your soul. Free of all illusions or the liberation of illusions and what was once hidden, has now come to light. It is an image of rebirth as well, the unveiling of a new you, a new chapter in your life or; a new beginning. The symbolic meaning of the naked child depicts growth, progression and expansion, the child is crowned with sunflowers. The portrayal of sunflowers can be seen behind the child, in full bloom, again growth, progression; and etc. Also, in terms of achievement and success. The naked child is carefree, notice the horse has no saddle and the child is riding the horse with no hands. This is an expression of self assurance, confidence, trust, strength, freedom; and etc. The illustration of the naked child also depicts purity, something at its purest state or being. Reflection of this naked child can help you tap into your inner child and reflect to a time where you felt your most purest and highest joy and happiness. In channeling that feeling of contentment in joy, happiness and optimism.

The child is riding a white horse and depicting a journey, embarking on a new journey or new start. The child is holding an orange banner/flag signifying his arrival, again rebirth. The Sun card is the nineteenth card in the Tarot, when you add 1 and 9, you get 10. Break it down to a 1 in numerology. One coincides with The Sun card as far as: new beginnings, the arrival of something new, a fresh start, being one with source, being one with your highest self; and etc. Also, being number one in all you do, on top of your game in growth, achievement, progression; and etc.

On this Tarot Thursdays, how can you tap or channel the energy of The Sun card on this Summer Solstice? In alignment or get in alignment with higher self, source, growth, happiness; and etc. And will your heart desires into your reality. 


2nd Photo by: House of Intuition

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Energy Forecast of the Day: Forwardness

Posted On: June 12, 2018

An "Energy Forecast of the Day" is no different than affirmations, mantra, reading a passage from the Bible; or reading a quote to inspire, and motivate you for the day. The only difference is the implementation of the tarot to guide and assist you with setting an intention for the day, in terms of energy as your would with an affirmation or a mantra. Even with an affirmation or mantra, you are forecasting an energy for that day. Like I said, the difference is utilizing the tarot as a guide to forecast energy.

It's tarot insight into an energy for the day. It might resonate with you or not. Just like a quote, affirmation and etc., might resonate or not. The "Energy Forecast of the Day" is a form of divination forecasting an energy for the day, to relay a message that resonate with you towards your spiritual wellness, inspiration and motivation towards the application of your goals and dreams, guided insight; and etc. I hope you get the picture because I explained myself too much already.

With that said, let's begin.

Today's Energy Forecast of the Day is brought to you by The Moon Tarot in terms of "Today's Energy Reading." The Moon Tarot offers her services for free with this inspirational, motivational and guided daily energy reading to make this world a better place for us, and our children. These services are out here, they're resources and tools, utilize them to benefit you in your journey of becoming all that you are created to be. In coaching you to create and build a better tomorrow. Comprende? Understood mami and papi?!

The Moon Tarot guides us today in terms of energy with a message of forwardness. Use your energy to propel yourself forward. New levels, new heights. That's what those trials and tribulations were about, to prepare for this season of forwardness.

It's all there, I don't have to have explain anything else. Read with your eye, in-tuned with your spirit. Gain clarity and insight with your soul.

This energy reading was navigated with the "Eight of Wands."

You see the symbology of the hand and it is pointing forward and guiding you up, meaning a new level. How does it resonate with you? in spirit? soul? What kind of insight did you gain? Hopefully, it inspired and motivated you, as it should.

If you would like a detailed reading, you can hit up The Moon Tarot's website and check out their Twitter page to get your dose of their daily energy reading. Not sure if this will be an app in the near future but for now, employ the resources for what it is and get in the business of becoming your best you!

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#TuesdaysThoughts: What's Your Assignment to Yourself and Others?

Posted On: June 12, 2018

Ever since I was a child, I would ask myself a series of questions. Like, who am I? where did I come from? why am I here? what did I come here to do? Is there life beyond the skies? I would look up at the stars and ask myself these questions. Sometimes, my parents and grandparents. And years later, the same questions would resurface.

So for today's #TuesdaysThoughts, I am asking you those questions pertaining to your assignment.

What is your assignment to yourself and others?

Some people are assigned to bring you down, while others are assigned to inspire your elevation. Look around and see from within, is that person assigned to do right by you? What’s your assignment to others? to yourself?

Only you can answer those questions, so I leave you with your thoughts.


#MondayMotivation: Moon Day (Mondays)

Posted On: June 11, 2018

Just like the moon, life is about phases and cycles.

As the moon grows and illuminates in the sky, so do we. There’s a time to create, build and cultivate. There’s a time to reap and harvest. There’s a time for destruction and purging. There’s time for seeding and growth.

During those dark times, it is a period of purging, shedding and releasing what no longer belongs. It is a phase of life when we are being polished.

As you release, space for the new is being made, so it is also a time of planting (seeding) and adjusting to a new phase, cycle in life. There’s a growth phase, we don’t automatically become who we are meant to be, we grow into that person. We grow into our light and shine.

The true essence of one’s light, is a light that was polished in the dark. Light does not give birth to light, only darkness births light. When light is born out of darkness, it can not be extinguished from it but only shines brighter in the midst of it.

Anyhow, life just like the moon is all about phases and cycles. And just like the moon phases and cycles end and begin, life cycles and phases end to start new ones.



Tarot Thursdays: Deck Review - 'Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards'

Posted On: June 07, 2018

You are interested in Tarot Cards but don't know where to start? Maybe you've gotten a reading or get readings as part of your spiritual wellness, and hunny you'd like to learn how to tap into your own intuitive power. (I feel you, don't inhibit your power but unleash it!) Release the Goddess/God from within, invoke the spirit of your intuition and unlock your hidden potential. It sounds like an adventure, don't it? Well it is and if you don't know where to start, have no fear.

Spirituality is becoming a trend but I don't see it as such but more like awakening in its divine timing. There's still a lot of work to do in debunking fears and aspects in spirituality that have been demonized. But for now, let's stay on topic.

Start and begin your Tarot Card journey with a consultation from a professional Tarotist that ranges in the mediums of the realms (seen and unseen). I don't like the word psychic, although mediums deal with facets of the psyche, energy reader is a more suitable word because it's basically reading energies. But anyhow, you've gotten your consultation and hopefully, the tarotist advised or referred a deck of cards for you to start your journey. But if not, you can begin your journey with the "Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck." It is easy to learn, the symbology of the cards are easy to read and it comes with a guidebook to teach you.

The Charka Wisdom Oracle Cards deck comes with 49 cards, illustrated in resonating with the meaning of each cards. The cards are vivid in imagery and detailed. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are sectioned in colors ranging from red to explore your intuition, yellow to explore your thought process, purple to see without sight; and other colors in exploration such as green, blue and etc.

Either you can start with reading the guidebook of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards deck or start with shuffling your cards and begin with a one card reading. But it's best to read the guidebook and get a sense of what the oracle deck is about, implore your own inner guidance as you read. Before you officially start your reading, it is wise to meditate and clear your mind and emotions. Center and ground yourself, light a candle, burn some incense or sage and get in the mood of things. Touch the cards, get your energy in them, shuffle the cards without displaying them and get your spirit into the cards.

Make sure your environment is on point, calm and relax yourself too. After that is done, you are ready to read yourself, your first official reading of thyself (might get your wig snatched with some truth). Exciting, ain't it?

As you're reading yourself, you are reading your own energy, surrounding energies; consciousness and subconscious of the mind and emotions.

You can start with a one card, two cards or three cards reading. Either write down one to three questions or just speak them out into the universe. Shuffle your cards, keep a clear mind (and emotions), ask those questions out loud and keep asking them while shuffling; and see what is revealed to you through your spirit. Be honest with yourself in opening up portals and channeling of your intuition. The guidebook gives an interpretation of each card and guides you with a meditation.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are a great deck of cards to begin your Tarot Card journey. And also, to set intentions for the day or end your day with a reading, to begin the next day with clarity and insight. The student becomes a teacher through learning and practice. The more you engage yourself in these readings, the better you will become at them. Graduating to other decks and even the traditional Rider Waite tarot deck. Definitely, enlist a teacher or a mentor, sign up, invest and attend tarot classes and webinars.

Invest in yourself because you are worth it!


3 Photos by: Andrale Marie' featuring: the Chakra Wisdom Oracles Cards, selenite and rose quartz hearts and clear quartz candle holder.

3rd Photo by: Amazon


Tarot Thursdays: The Magician

Posted On: June 07, 2018

Tarot Cards are a form of divination and embodied in symbolism, which makes reading them and getting a reading interesting. In order to understand the nature of your readings, it is wise to try to be conscious of Tarot Cards and the symbology of them.

Starting with The Magician.

The Magician is one of the Major Arcana cards in the tarot.

Major Arcana cards in tarot decks are usually the soul, mind and heart of that deck. They are virtuous influential cards known for their dynamics in spirit and energetically enlightening in their meanings.

In the illustration of The Magician, the young women has one hand pointed towards the sky and another one towards the ground. Indicating, the “as above, so below.”

Characterizing to be a magician, one has to be balanced with the higher realms (such as angels: angles of light, keepers of light), as well as the lower realms when it comes to gatekeepers and keepers of cemeteries.

It is also, a representation of the element of air and the element of earth (dirt). In other words, in order to elevate oneself, a person has to be grounded. Or in order to flourish, one has to be planted well in their foundation.

The young woman has an infinity  symbol (horizontal 8) above her head, representing that knowledge in itself is infinite. Knowledge is something that does not end, it’s an infinite journey because we are always learning and evolving. The infinity symbol also portrays, how being a magician comes with infinite powers (to whom much is given much is required), the ability to work with the seen and unseen realms, infinite dimensions such as: the astral realms; and tapping into the infinite energy of one’s soul.

There’s more symbolism but for now, that’s all.

On this Tarot Thursday, how can you tap into the energy of the Magician Card and become the magician of your life? And will your heart desires into your reality.


Illustration by: Lisa Sterle, "The Modern Witch Tarot"