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Energy Forecast of The Day: 'Protect Your Energy'


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Sep 28, 2018

'Protect Your Energy'


It's an act of self care.

Energy has always been around, it's nothing new. It's the universe's language. Energy as expressed before is spiritual currency, in the manner of exchanges but on an energetic level. Energy currencies and exchanges.

Whenever you come in contact with other people, there is always a form of energetic exchanges. One way to identify it is how do you feel around a person or persons? and after they've left? Energetic exchanges can either nurture, fortify and magnify your energies, or deplete and drain them as depicted in The Moon Tarot's Today's Energy Reading. In other words, energetic exchanges add, subtract or synchronize.

There's regular energetic exchanges and then, there's sexual energy exchanges (sex) through sexual relations (I will get into that some other time).

Your energies are a form of currency, view it as that and it is very, very valuable. Without it, you can't do anything. It is your life force. It is the power that empowers your life and everything around you. It's your power source. You apply energy to create, you apply energy to manifest, objects can't move until you apply your energy to physically move it; and etc.

They've even tried to manufacture energy and sell you it in a can, that's how beneficial and valuable your energy is.

There are some people when they get really mad or upset, the lights in their homes flicker or the fuse of the light bulbs blow out, that's how magnifying a person's energy can be. Or a person has a Midas touch energy. Whereas, energy is amplifying if charged, harnessed from within and generated properly.

With that said, below is the full energy reading for today.

You can feel or sense when your energy is being drained, so take the proper precautions in protecting oneself and honor yourself in that act of self care. And the rest of the reading is self explanatory. Self care is healthcare, it's not just a lifestyle but a way of life.

The Tarot divination is The Prince of Swords who defends and protects their inner peace.


Source: The Moon Tarot