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Insights: Venus Retrograde in Scorpio


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Sep 22, 2018

A time of introspection. This is not time to be fearful but to harness cosmic energies to benefit and serve you. Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is not the end of the world but a time of rebirth.

Venus goes into retrograde on October 5, 2018, 3:07 PM, at 10° Scorpio.

Venus is a Goddess that oversees: love, harmony, beauty, relationships, creativity, sex; and etc.

Eight years ago, Venus was retrograding, with this Venus Retrograde one can reflect on where they were at that time. What was your life like when it comes to: love with self, others and love as a whole, harmony with self and others, beauty based on how you see your self, relationships with self, significant other, family, friends; and others, creativity based on your gifts, skills and etc. Reflecting on that, what progress have been made? Improvements? What lessons were learned? How did one evolve as a person based on those things from a soul level?

And with this Venus Retrograde also, this a time to do some soul searching. Introspect in matters of the heart concerning love, harmony, relationships, your innate abilities and skills, confidence in oneself; and etc.

Scorpio’s traits are: passion, intuitive, intensity, rules over sex, heart chakra centered sign because Scorpios feel on a deep level, just like their symbol of the scorpion, Scorpios like to unearth things, they’re mysterious, secretive, their element is water; and etc.

With Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and based on Scorpio’s trait, introspection and reflection can be applied about passion like what are your passions and what are you passionate about, introspection about your intuition and how intuitive are you,

Introspection about your sexual energy, are you applying it effectively, how intense are you when it comes to doing things, introspection and reflections of the heart, the energies of the heart based on harmony, joy and happiness, your feelings, nurturing and taking care of your heart on all levels, reflections about secrets, things you carry within and is it time to let some secrets go; and etc.


Also, the element of water can be applied during Venus Retrograde. Spiritual/ritual bathing. Washing and cleansing the spirit, purifying and redeeming one’s energy. And applying the element of water as your rebirth as well.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to work with the Goddess Oshun in healing matters of the heart, love, relationships, self esteem issues, restoring harmony, healing your sexual energy; and etc.

Just like Venus, Oshun is the Goddess of: love, sensuality, sex, romance and intimacy, healing, fertility (Oshun assist with getting pregnant but Yemaya is the Goddess that oversees motherhood), beauty, harnessing confidence from within and healing any kind of self esteem issues, and body image and weight loss.

As expressed, Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is a good time to work with the Goddess Oshun. With healing applying the cosmic energies of Venus and Scorpio's traits to the attributes of Oshun. Healing in matters pertaining to love, self esteem issues, fertility, intimacy especially if one has experienced sexual abuse, evaluating lifestyles in health; and etc.

We'll continue to get into some Venus Retrograde preparations, as well as rituals which will lead to wellness and empowerment in spiritual and emotional health.