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Libra Season: The Balancing of the Scales


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Sep 23, 2018

Libra season is officially here and ushering in the energy of balance, to teach us areas, aspects in our lives we need to balance.

To adjust and balance these scales, there has to be a tipping point. For any kind of transformation, evolution, change to occur; and etc., one must reach a tipping point.Tipping points are what inspires and motivates balance to be restored.

Meditate on this and ask yourself, what is your tipping point? Or what are your tipping points? A tipping point is usually something that leads to nothing. Where the scale is leaning too much on one side, it’s heavy, it’s a burden; and causing an imbalance. One would have to rid themselves or eradicate this heaviness and burden, in order to adjust and redeem/restore balance.


A tipping point can be anything such as: it can be where a person is giving too much and there’s no balance of reciprocity. This could be a career, a job, a relationship; and etc. There’s an imbalance of reciprocal energy in the form of energy exchanges. A tipping point can also, be letting an issue or a problem build up, where it’s become a burden. The tipping point motivates and leads to the solution for a resolution.

Adjusting and balancing the scales, to lighten things up and elevate.

Libra season can teach us how to balance the solar and lunar energies in our magick. To serve and benefit us for our highest and greatest good. Also, balancing these energies within ourselves and our connections to the earth, spiritual and cosmic realms; and Mother Nature.

Balancing the laws of duality in the universe and nature from within ourselves, in as above, so below. Light and darkness, divine feminine and divine masculine energies in the form of Goddess and God, crown and root chakra, the higher realms and lower realms; and etc.

Utilizing this Libra energy also, to align and balance the scales of our crown chakra and mental energies. In accordance to our heart chakra and energies in motion (emotions, feelings).

Libra season’s significance and symbology is liken to the Justice card in Tarot divination. Where justice shall prevail, vindication and the restoration of wholeness.

In numerology, Libra season’s significance and symbology is the number 2. It represents duality in the alignment of things being whole. How two becomes one. Without duality, there would be an imbalance of the uni (the law of one) in the universe. This one verse in the universe that brings all things together as one.

May the commencement of Libra season and its energies serve us well.

Bless it be!

And Happy Birthdays Libras!

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