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Self Care Sundays: Therapeutic Crystal Sets


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Sep 30, 2018

Therapy differs for each individual. In the visuals for Young M.A's song 'Car Confessions,'  riding through the city is her meaning of therapy. This is how Young M.A clears her mind and the conscious part of it, how she is able to look at things from different angles and analyze them, to discover meaning and understanding. For Young M.A, solitude is therapeutic as she rides the city streets and relieves herself of stress.

For others, it might be going to the gym, listening to music, quiet moments near the ocean; or talking to someone like a therapist. Some might relieve themselves of stress in moments of solitude, while others need assistance in helping them to release their stress.


Crystals are another form of therapy. It is the utilization of metaphysics and spirituality in dispensing stressful energies and also, harnessing essential and vital energies. In transmuting stress, anxiety and etc.

With that said, we came across these Crystal Sets  (pictured below) from Gem State Boutique, which can be applied as therapeutic sets.

The crystal sets vary, most of them include crystal bracelets that can be worn anytime and once you charge them in the sun (solar energy) or during a full moon (lunar energy), the bracelets will heal or enhance your energies. That's what makes these crystal sets therapeutic. Most of the sets also include: crystal infused rollerball perfume, not only will you be smelling good but your energy will be feeling good. Last but not least, the crystal sets vary in their inclusion of: crystal angels (pictured below), crystal jewelry, crystal points and obelisk, crystal hearts; and etc.

Some of the crystal sets consist of palm stones (pictured below), which are very good in generating energies when rubbed between the palms of hands. And also, a great alternative to stress balls. The difference between palm stones and stress balls are, energies are being provoked or generated with the use of palm stones.

It's Self Care Sundays and although, self care is every day. If you're looking or finding alternative ways to relieve stress, alleviate yourself of anxieties and healing methods, crystals are very effective. For overall wellness, vitality and well being.


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