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Self Love ❤️ Sundays: Crystal Magick


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Sep 16, 2018

It's Self Love Sundays, just look in the mirror and say: "I love you!"

When was the last time you did that? When was the last time you gave yourself any kind of love? Out here loving everybody else, pouring your love unto everybody else and what about you? It's not selfish to love yourself and pour some love into yourself hunny. Because if you don't love yourself then you can't properly love anybody else. It's logic, it's science, it's self explanatory, get it! Meaning love starts with you and from within, love overflows every where else. So, give yourself some sugar, kiss the mirror and sweeten the love within yourself! 

That's a little mirror magick but we already got into that.


Going into Self Love Sundays with Crystal Magick, to help and assist you in discovering, harnessing and manifesting self love from within you. Applying some crystal magick to activate it from within you, maybe it's dormant, sleeping and we just got to wake up love. It's in you, as stated love starts with you. 

Touch your heart, you feel that?! The magic of love within you, the beat of your heart that is so unique and rare in the vibration and frequency of the energy of love. 

Uh, huh. Yes, hunny that is love! Don't look to your neighbor like the preacher be saying, talking about touch your neighbor, nah! Touch your heart, that is where love is! 


We're going to get into this Self Love Sundays: Crystal Magick with rose quartz

The crystal in itself, rose quartz (pictured below) harnesses energies, divination and metaphysical properties in assisting with the heart chakra, the heart in general, love, harmony, happiness, healing on all levels especially pertaining to the heart and love, diffusing stress; and just an overall feel good crystal. 

The rose quartz assist in activating meta physical properties from within you such as: love, harmony on an energetic level, as well as deactivating things on a meta physical level such as stress, healing the heart on an energetic level.

What you will need for this crystal magick is about 6  rose quartz palm stones and a red heart shaped box. 


Charge a few crystal rose quartz palm stones under the sun for 3 days. Any time between 6am and 3pm when the sun is rising & at its highest peak. Activate the crystal rose quartz palm stones (heart shaped or round) with your energy and thoughts of love about yourself & meditate.

Place the activated rose quartz palm stones in a heart shaped box to discover the gift of love within you. Every morning take a palm stone or two, hold them in each hand and speak affirmations/declarations of self love with soul conviction.

You can even take this charged and activated rose quartz palm stones with you to work, to the gym and just about anywhere. It's a great stress reliever, they're like stress balls. At work during some free time, hold the rose quartz palm stones in each and and just meditate. Center, ground self and remember who you are. A job can always replace you but you only got your oneself, you. At the gym, you can utilize the rose quartz palm stones before or after your work-out routine. Before a date, meditate with some rose quartz palm stones, get yourself in that harmonic love vibe, regardless of how that date turns out, you know you are love! And even after the date, utilize the rose quartz palm stones to benefit you. 

And every night before going to bed, take a rose quartz palm stone or two and hold them in each hand and speak affirmations/declarations of gratitude towards self love with soul conviction.

May this become your routine, your ritual or your mantra towards loving yourself on a deeper, energetic and meta physical level from within you! 

Because you are that and then some, love itself! 

So, love yourself. 

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