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When He Prayed For You and You Are His Blessing

Posted On: August 07, 2016

Say it again! "When he prayed for you and you are his blessing." Uh huh, two snaps and a twirl hunny!

How many of you ladies know there is a man out there praying for you? on some Bryson Tiller asking God to save you for him. Men do pray ladies and have conversations with God about matters of the hearts and talk to God about the woman they love. Some men play that tough act but please, they get weak in the knees when it comes to their queen, they'll almost faint. We all seen the video of the groom that was on the verge of fainting, when his bride came walking down the aisle towards him and it took his homie to hold him up.

And his tears brought us to tears. When I first saw the video, I said to myself, "he must of been praying for her for a long time." I wondered what his story, his testimony was when it came to love. Was this a man who struggled and had obstacles with love? It was just amazing to watch, to see the energy of love at work and how powerful it is. It was inspiration for men out there who might be having a tough time finding the one, their one true love to not give up and one day, she'll become the essence of their dreams. 

The video literally displayed the groom, Gabriel Deku becoming weak in the knees and falling in love. What made it special was, as the bride, Annabella is walking down the aisle, she became his angel who gave him wings, for both of them to rise in love together. How she was his blessing and the answer to his prayers.

It was an all around blessing, because Annabella expressed to other ladies to not give up on love and to never allow any man or anybody to make them feel like they don't deserve to be loved. To never allow any man to make them feel like they are not enough, because with the right man, they will be more than enough. And most of all, that there is a man out there who will love them like God loves them, flaws and all.

Annabella's statement after her wedding is as followed below:

"Ladies, don't you ever think you're not perfect enough, not beautiful enough, not unique enough, not Godly enough, not intelligent enough to be blessed with a wonderful man. Don't you ever settle. If God can bless someone like me, He can bless you. Thank you Father for showing me your love through a man who loves me despite my flaws."

Never settle for less when God instilled greatness in you. Great love is out there, believe in it and preserve your heart for it. Don't take part in any idle talk that categorizes all men or women as the same, don't limit yourself nor feed on the fruit of bitterness. But feed on all that is love, exude love and generate the energy of it, so you can rise greatly in it. Love is an energy that is very pure and powerful. Love expands all things, including you to become a better person.

Check out Gabriel and Annabella special moment below.


Photos Courtesy of: Adebayo Deru Photography


The Fire Of Love Burns Deep

Posted On: April 04, 2015

"Two matchsticks burned as one. The fire of their love was an eternal flame, infused with passion."

-- Andrale Marie'


Open Discussion/Round Table: Going To The Strip Club Together

Posted On: June 10, 2016

One of the headlines in news publication this week was Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's divorce being finalize. But what made it a major headline was both Amber and Wiz celebrated the divorce, by going to a strip club and it was very rare. I mean come on, where do you hear things like that? At the same time, it displayed the maturity of Amber as far as their previous relationship, her emotions, just overall holding no hard feelings; and choosing to celebrate the love they once shared, instead of letting the negative outweigh the positive. Amber chose to bask in the positive because not many women could of done what she did, after finalizing a divorce. It would be more like order of protections, drama and etc. 

I admire how Amber Rose showcased as a woman, you can't always let your emotions govern you, fog your choices/decisions and that's something everyone in general can learn from. And to always remember the good in every experience. 

With that said, it brought back the topic of going to the strip club together while in a relationship. I've verbalized my take on the whole matter and there's nothing wrong with it. Because if a woman is not willing to fulfill some of her man's or husband's fantasies, he will find somebody that will (and that's another article). Besides that, who wants to be a boring relationship? A passionless, un-stimulating relationship? It's very important to keep the flame of passion burning in a relationship and sometimes, those flames can burn for an eternity. 

A lot of women think going to the strip club establishes an opportunity for the man to cheat. Well, if he is immature and just can't control that stick of his, then no. But if he is a mature man, who wants to experience his fantasy with the woman he loves, then why not? A woman in a relationship with that type of man, should grant him what he desires and he'll most likely rise in love with her.

Going to the strip club is a fantasy for both couples to bond, liberate themselves of inhibitions individually and with one another, so they can be more receptive, free; and comfortable as an individual and with one another. A woman can choose to be in control of the whole situation, for example: be the one who pays for the lap dance, instruct the dancer and create the kind of atmosphere she desires and also, take into account of his as well. This will enable for both of them to enjoy and fulfill the fantasy with each other, have fun, even share a few laughs in between drinks or conversations; and create an experience that will be unforgettable.

Also, going to the strip club together improves the nature of sex in a relationship, magnifies lovemaking, enhances intimacy with one another; and amplifies orgasm maybe by a trillions watts. It will propel it to be one that is out of this world. 


New Heat: Velous feat. French Montana - 'Flex Wit You'

Posted On: February 22, 2016

Velous and French Montana stunt on a new track called 'Flex With You.' 

After putting his producing touches on Kanye West's newest album TLOP, the Coke Boys soldier goes in the studio and Velous lets his creative juice flow all through the mic. Montana comes on with his polished bars and flexes his shine on wax. 

In a recent interview with Fader, Velous opened up about his journey as a producer, building up his resume, who he has worked with in the music industry; the aspirations and goals he has for himself. He expressed learning as he goes along, improving his skills and how the studio is his second home. 

"My approach changes everyday, because I learn so much sh*t every single day. I spend way more time in the studio than I do outside of it. I'm probably in the studio six days a week, and I probably take a one day break. My approach changes every single day off of the fact that I'm becoming sharper at what I do."

Velous is definitely working and has an upcoming project titled, "The Disco" to hit the airwaves soon. 

Until then, well you know the drill. 



New Heat:: Lil Kim feat. Kevin Gates - '#Mine'

Posted On: February 22, 2016

Lil Kim sets it off again, this time with Kevin Gates for a new heat called, '#Mine'

The Queen Bee is currently working on her upcoming album but no information of a title or release date is availabe yet, this new song #Mine will be featured on it. The Hip Hop femcee laces the instrumentals and runs through the track.

Blaze it below. 


Do Soulmates Exist? Well, If You Exist Of Course They Do

Posted On: May 28, 2016

How can one define soulmates? Some people question the existence of them and if you exist, so does your soulmate. 

I believe it's that one person you somehow connect on a level that words can't capture, it's powerful, it transcends understanding but somehow you know it's real, you can feel it down to the core of your soul. And sometimes, it's de ja vu, like somebody you've known your whole lifetime, their energy and aura are familiar to you; although it's the first time you've met them. 

Soulmates to me are two people that are one in love. One mind, one heart and one soul. It's that person who challenges your weakness to turn them into strength, it's the person that helps you face your fears so you see yourself for who you truly are, they push you to grow and evolve into the woman or man that you are created to be, they magnify you and everything around you start to magnify as well. Not in material things but on a level that is beyond the surface. It's more mental, it's more spiritual and with that, the lovemaking feels out of this world, it transports you into another dimension. 

Love is real and don't let anybody, not even yourself convince you that it's not. Just don't ever give up on it, no matter what happens. Because it is you that gives love power and nurtures it. Singleness is choice for some. Many people are afraid of being alone and they sometimes tend to jump from relationship to relationship, without ever giving themselves time to heal, space to unload baggages and weight that's holding them down from prior relationships but most of all, to cleanse themselves of that person's energy they were involved with. Also, to take the time to get to know who they are and discover themselves. Learn from past relationship mistakes, instead of recycling experiences because the lessons hasn't been learned yet.

Generally, you have to become the person you want to attract. Your soulmate exists in you. Open your heart and keep it pure because it is the source where all things flow from. Your heartbeat is the wavelength to the universe. So, let it beat to the sound of love and your soulmate will hear it and find her or his way into your heart.  


New R&B Joint: JR Castro feat. Wale - 'Diff'rent Strokes'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

JR Castro recruits Wale for a new joint titled, 'Diff'rent Strokes.' 

Castro goes deep about his pipe (stroke) and bedroom game on the song. The mild tempo, keyboard assisted track was produced by SoundMOB. Wale comes through and blesses the melodic tunes, with his poetic lyrics below. 

JR Castro is currently working on his next album "Breakfast N Vegas." Until then, check out his recent EP "Songs You Were Made To" below, a masterpiece of ballads and remakes of '90's classic R&B joints.


Poetic Flow: If Writing Is My Gift.. Then You Are The Treasure

Posted On: August 12, 2015

Baby, can you be my inspiration. Can I look in your eyes and find the things that inspire my soul. The things that inflame my passion and gives my heart a reason to beat to the sound of your voice.

You are my past, present and future, together they make up the day I fell in love with you. The day I saw stars in the midst of daylight and seen the moon dancing with the sun. The day I heard the angels sing and felt heaven when you touched me.

If writing is my gift then you are the treasure. I will always pick up a pen and write how majestic you are. When you read my words, may love find its way into your heart. Because it has found my soul and led me to you. The place I discovered God’s grace.


Yours truly.

Written by: Andrale Marie’

Copyright ©  2013


Gucci Mane Proposes To His Girlfriend, Keyshia Ka'oir During Atlanta Hawks Basketball Game

Posted On: November 22, 2016

Brrrrr... Winter is here!

During a live taping of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks basketball game, Gucci Mane surprised his longtime girlfriend, Keyshia Ka'oir by giving her a big piece of his heart. 25 carats that is, honoring his love to her.

Keyshia was Gucci Mane's rock when he was locked up. She was also, his inspiration and helped Gucci change his eating habits while he was in the pen. Keyshia Ka'oir motivated Gucci to eat healthier and exercise, and Gucci came out with a brick-squad of six pack and muscled his way back to doing what he does best.

Ever since Gucci Mane came home, he's just a different man, more polished, glistened; and just an extra sparkle to his shine. And love will do that to an individual, bring out and dignify the best in them. You know you got a gem, when that person inspire and motivate you to evolve into a better version of yourself.

Congrats to Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir, God bless their union.


Footage Source: NBA and ESPN 


New R&B Joint: Chris Brown feat. Bryson Tiller - 'Keep You In Mind'

Posted On: September 24, 2016

Slowing it down, just a little on this breezy Saturday (maybe it's sunny or rainy where you're at, whatever the case, make the best of it!). Anyhow, let's get into this new cut from Chris Brown called, 'Keep You In Mind.' 

After debuting 'Lady In The Glass Dress,' Breezy returns with another joint featuring Bryson Tiller

Breezy and Tiller cover Gourdan Banks' uptempo and heavy bass joint, Keep You In Mind with their own version and twist to the instrumentals. It's one of those songs you can spin to while getting it on in the bedroom. Music helps bring rhythm for those who don't have it and magnifies rhythm between the sheets for those who's sauced with swagu. Keep You In Mind has some feel good vibes to it, the type that'll make you bop your head and one of those cuts, you can blast to on a weekend like this. 

As you already know or just finding out, Chris Brown is currently working on his upcoming LP "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" and his new song below is a preview of what's to come.


New R&B Joint: Maxwell - '1990X'

Posted On: June 07, 2016

Maxwell has always brought the sensuous, decadent passion of lovemaking and the art of two bodies dancing between the sheets to R&B. He has a way of creating symphonies of love. The instrumentals are his canvas, the microphone is his paintbrush and the lyrics are the masterpiece of composing music.

Put some Maxwell on, dim the light, imagine the scent of roses, the smiles eyes sometimes make, the passion rising throughtout your body, a sexual energy that is ready to explode in an orgasmic high; elevated in dimensions out of this world. 

Guess what? The visuals to Maxwell's new track off his upcoming album "blackSUMMERS’night" takes you there, with scenes of the moon, a rocket launching into space; and two people kissing. And the lyrics flashing on the screen. 

"There’s no song that defines it, / there’s no music behind it. / There’s no lyric to read from. / There’s just you and the moment." 

Check it out below.